Peace on Earth Cards Are Truly In the Spirit of the Holiday Season

World peace is a goal that the human race has strived towards for centuries. There are many wars brewing in the world today, causing turmoil in beautiful areas of our unique and fragile planet.  From decades long ago up until present day, countless human beings have marched the streets in the hope of achieving a goal such as world peace.  We have certainly moved closer to this goal over the last several decades.

The International Day of Peace is celebrated annually and was established in 1982 on the day of September 21st.  Starting last year in 2013, this day has become dedicated to peace education in schools across the world.  There is also the World Peace Council which was founded in 1950. They advocate universal disarmament, sovereignty, independence and peaceful co-existence, as well as campaigns against imperialism, weapons of mass destruction, and all forms of discrimination. They are also known for awarding the popular “International Peace Prize”.

Peace on Earth cards may not be as common as other cards that say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”. However, Peace on Earth cards can mean something much more around the holidays.  “Peace on Earth” is a friendly and positive message that is universal and can relate to all religions around the world.

Peace on Earth designs are universal and can certainly be part of greeting cards with a religious theme or message as well. Scriptures for many religions include passages about Peace on Earth, so now you can represent this positive message with a card of your own without offending anybody.  The holiday season is supposed to be filled with positivity, generosity, happiness, peace, and kindness.  So, why not get started by sending your loved one a Peace on Earth card?

6 thoughts on “Peace on Earth Cards Are Truly In the Spirit of the Holiday Season”

  1. Building off your viewpoint; I believe ‘Peace on Earth’ cards are a great way to extend the hope, that one day our differences (across the globe) will be the factor that brings us closer together as a species. I received a card earlier this year (not on Peace on Earth day) and it was thrilling to be able to smile and think that our future can be bright and positive. The true point of these cards, in my opinion, are to battle against all the negativity we experience in our lives or that we see covered in the media. After all, all differences aside, we are inhabitants of the this beautiful planet, we are all humans bond together by love and the hopes of tranquility.

  2. Peace on Earth cards should be recognized for more than just the holidays. We really do need peace on earth. I think peace on earth cards are overlooked because everyone is so hung up on holiday cards that hold a meaning (Christmas and Thanksgiving etc.) and don’t realize that peace on earth cards are just as relevant.

  3. I love receiving Peace on Earth cards! They break the monotony of all the other holiday cards, and the message is very sincere.

  4. The peace on earth cards always make me take a moment and be grateful that I can celebrate the holidays.

  5. Peace on Earth cards are so wonderful especially with all the negative in the world. Right now with France being closed down because of terrorism. 9/11 etc….. We should be using these cards on Veteran’s day, President’s day, Memorial day, 4th of July, and Labor day. Not just for Christmas. These words should be said by all everyday. I also love the Patriotic card line Gallery Collection has they are wonderful promoting the Red, White and Blue.

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