Vertical vs. Horizontal Christmas Cards

Over the years I have received hundreds of Christmas cards from all over the world. I still can’t believe how many different types of cards there are out there. They have rectangle, square, triangle and yes even round. Who knew? The one I received was shaped like a wreath. Oh it was so pretty. Although I love all the cards I get, I really like the vertical cards the best. They all stand up so nicely on my table and mantle. I have more room to display the vertical vs. the horizontal Christmas Cards. This year I may even have to add a few cards to my entry way. It seems I get more and more cards every year. I look forward to opening them and seeing who they’re from. I get pictures in most of them, from family and friends. (How fast everyone grows up).

This year I ordered four different style Christmas cards from the Gallery Collection. They have such a wonderful assortment of cards. And yes, I ordered all vertical cards. You just cannot beat the quality of their cards. I feel they show that I put a lot of thought into sending out my cards. And they are reasonably priced. Have you seen the cost of store bought cards these days? Gees! They are so expensive. With Gallery Collection cards, I get to add a special touch to my cards and I add my own special message to each one. Since I use the vertical cards, I have plenty of room to let everyone know what I’ve been up to this past year. I can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “Vertical vs. Horizontal Christmas Cards”

  1. Do you think there are any downsides to buying vertical cards? For example, my concerns are if I choose a landscape scenery (for a card front design) would the image suffer. Would, it suffer from being cropped, like the image being distorted or squished. When I think vertical cards, I think simple card designs, with simple graphics.

  2. You raise an interesting comparison between vertical and horizontal cards. I have always enjoyed stringing the cards in front of a large picture window or alongside my staircase, and this works best with horizontal cards. For someone who has the flat space available to display the Christmas Cards they receive, for instance on a table or fireplace mantle, the vertical cards are fabulous! Either way, Gallery Collection cards are always beautiful, well-made cards that bring tons of compliments!

  3. I think vertical cards are better because it gives you more room to write whatever you need to include. I like holiday cards that I can stand up or add to my wall and still be able to see the greeting and personalization. I have the Gallery Collection assortment boxes and they are beautiful. I cant wait to send them out to family and friends

  4. We hang all of our Christmas cards on the frame around the entrance to our living room. So we appreciate both vertical and horizontal cards (vertical for the sides of the frame and horizontal for the top of the frame).

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