The Perfect Corporate Holiday Cards

I love to receive corporate holiday cards. It seems lately that businesses have really put some effort into sending cards to clients and customers. I have received some very lovely cards with some of the most beautiful foil art on the front. And the sentiments are actually more personable than they used to be. I just received one the other day, and I had to place it on my bulletin board for everyone to see.

It was nice to be remembered in such a sweet way. I hope to get more company holiday cards from other businesses that are just as nice. I am actually looking forward to opening all of my cards this year, and maybe I’ll even have the opportunity to send some of my own!

14 thoughts on “The Perfect Corporate Holiday Cards”

  1. I love this time of year because I actually start getting mail other than bills and ads! I have also noticed an increase in the number of cards I receive from businesses in the last few years – even my doctor sends out a card!

  2. I just got my first Christmas card today!! And it was from the foot doctor that did my bunion surgery 3 years ago. Good timing. I have a corn that needs to be looked at. He will get my business – not only because he is a great doctor – but his phone number was in the card and it was convenient for me.

  3. Helen, thanks for the laugh-hope your corn is better! I agree with you-if I get a Holiday card from a service provider I am more likely to use them again

  4. I too, love to display the holiday cards I receive from those we do business with throughout the year. There is thoughtfulness behind a sent greeting card, and I for one appreciate it!

  5. Sending business greeting cards is a simple and thoughtful way to remind your customers of how nice it is to do business with you! In a world that is becoming increasingly impersonal, it is a personal touch that reflects well and your business.

  6. I like getting cards from businesses like my dentist and auto shop…makes me feel that I have more friends, ha ha! But seriously, I do appreciate it and it does make me continue thinking about using their services.

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