New Year’s Cards – When You Want To Stand Out From The Holiday Crowd

New Year’s Cards are one of the most underrated cards in the market.  This is mainly because Christmas (and Chanukah during certain years), fall just 1-2 weeks before New Year’s Eve. You also have other holidays that fall within this time frame.  The New Year is a perfect time for many people to have a fresh start.  This could include their job, their diet, or their overall lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with spreading a positive message to your co-workers, clients, or loved ones to start off the New Year right!

New Year’s cards could be nice recognition for your employees, and a nice touch to start off a brand new year.  It is thoughtful, but also a unique option when compared to Christmas or Chanukah cards.  Saying “Happy New Year” is very universal and they can be perfect for folks who may not celebrate December holidays as heavily as others. There is also no reason why you can’t give a New Year’s card in addition to another holiday card. Going back to work can be stressful for some after a long holiday break, so why not cheer up your employees with a nice New Year’s greeting card?

9 thoughts on “New Year’s Cards – When You Want To Stand Out From The Holiday Crowd”

  1. This thought troubles me. I always thought when someone sent out a holiday card, they included a message of a Happy New Year or, wishing you a prosperous New Year. Is it just me that finds it more logical just to combine my Happy Holidays card with New years? Or do you recommend me doing something a little different and sending out strictly Happy New Years cards?

  2. I love to receive new years cards! I get so many Christmas cards I barely read them. However, when I receive a Happy New Year card, it always stands out in my mind. I really appreciate the thoughts and efforts that go into someone sending me theses cards. Last year I got such a late start on sending my holiday cards that I decided to send New Years cards myself. I was surprised how much fun I had checking out the cards in this category. It definitely broke up the monotony and stress that some times comes with this time of year.

  3. New Years cards are great for everyone all over the world. Everyone has a new year and not everyone celebrates a holiday. I think New years cards are a wonderful idea to make people’s day after all the hoopla of the holidays.

  4. I too do like the idea of New Year’s cards as an alternative to traditional holiday cards. Many people celebrate different holidays, depending on what they believe in. With many different religions out there it is tough to account for everyone, but I think a New Year’s card does the trick. No one will get offended when you wish them a Happy New Year, or at least, I would hope not!

  5. Kevin-I feel like New Year’s cards are a wonderful gesture to send to people who have had a difficult year and need an extra boost of positivity and well wishes. I personally don’t think I’d send a New Year’s card to everyone, and those people will just receive a Happy New Year in their holiday card.

  6. I’m thinking of sending New Year’s cards to those I’ve lost touch with and try to re-spark our friendships.

  7. It’s a matter of personal preference, Kevin. I like to have a card for each and every occasion, but that may be just me. I will even send a card just to say “Hi.”

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