The Great Anniversary Cards Caper

How can I incorporate my love of reality television with my love of cards? This question has been on my mind as of late. I’ve decided to come up with a pitch for a new show called The Great Anniversary Cards Caper. The premise will have a group of contestants who will give out business anniversary cards to employees of a chosen company.

We will keep the number of contestants to ten. The contestants will be given an assignment at a different company every week where they will have to discover who is having an anniversary with the company that week. They cannot say who they are or what they are looking for. They will need the gift of gab to get people talking about their time with the company and incorporate that into the business anniversary cards they will design. The cards will be in the form of a sandwich board and used to celebrate the anniversaries of employees for that week.

The companies will also be happy to participate as they will get an employee to help out for a week, they will get free anniversary cards for their employees, and they will be on television. Can we say free advertising?

The contestants will be judged on their ability to get along with others, the amount of information they acquire, and their imaginative anniversary cards presentation. I love this idea. The second season can be birthday cards for employees. I am sending this idea to Mark Burnett as we speak. Wish me luck.

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