Traditional or Contemporary Corporate Christmas Cards – the Choice is yours!

Is your company more conservative and traditional or is it more modernistic and newfangled? When selecting corporate Christmas cards to send to your clients and employees this year, keep in mind that your selection should be a reflection of your company’s business approach and its services provided. Financial institutions and medical providers might want to select a card that represents traditional values and stability whereas computer companies, retail establishments, and educational facilities might lean towards a card that is more current and futuristic. The Gallery Collection can provide many choices of both conventional and contemporary Christmas cards to our valued customers.

Gilded Holly Season’s Greetings Card, design #141CX, is the perfect timeless holiday design for a business that evokes old world values and security in a modern day world. The classic design of this card depicts a golden foil sprig of holly leaves and red berries tied together with a simple green foil ribbon. This is displayed within a gold framed box and a background of fine golden mesh. The words “Season’s Greetings” appear below the holly sprig in a classic, easy to read font. The cream colored paper stock is delicately embossed with decorative swirls throughout the face of the card. Any bank, insurance company, or medical group would be well represented during the Christmas season by choosing this card to send to their clients, customers, or patients.

Design #141CX - Gilded Holly Season's Greetings Card
Design #141CX - Gilded Holly
Season's Greetings Card

On the other hand, companies that are more progressive and futuristic might find design #897CS, Galactic Peace on Earth Die-Cut Holiday Card, an “out of this world” selection for a company that is ahead of its time in areas such as computer programming and graphics, travel, and contemporary retail products. This modern design is printed on dark blue paper stock embellished with the words “Peace on Earth” in a silver italic script. A silver and blue foiled globe is depicted surrounded by silver asteroid swirls and stars. The card’s unique feature is the die-cut opening through which two lines of personalization can show through to the front of the card. What a fun way to imprint your company name on a corporate Christmas card and wish your favorite clients and customers the best during the holiday season!

Design 897CS - Galactic Peace on Earth Die-Cut Holiday Card
Design 897CS - Galactic Peace on Earth
Die-Cut Holiday Card

Whatever design you choose to send for your corporate Christmas cards, keep in mind that The Gallery Collection has a wide variety of designs to represent your company. Many of these cards are produced using environmentally sound methods including wind power and responsible forest management. Whether you choose a card with your company name imprinted inside or one of the die-cut holiday greeting cards with the window showing your company name on the outside, all of our cards are sure to be a huge success this holiday season!

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