Sympathy Cards are the Ambassadors of Solace

Some people are born with the gift of bringing comfort to those in need; most of us must depend on sympathy cards. Many of us use the clichés that seem to be appropriate, but don’t require any real thought. We are often afraid to say something too personal or too spiritual, thereby making the recipient uneasy.

For the giver of the sentiment, it is important to evoke a “thinking of you” concept to the person who receives the card. That is really what sympathy cards are all about. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a sympathy card will most likely say that the gesture itself is an act of consolation that is much appreciated.

The card that one selects should be representative of the beliefs of the recipient, not the sender. If there is no way to know what those beliefs are, it is best to rely on the “thinking of you” concept. Of course, the design of the card should also be given some consideration. For instance, if you knew the person well, and they had a passion for a certain type of art or color or flower, etc. you should look for something reflective of that interest. When choosing a card for someone that you don’t know quite as well, it is best to choose a card that will be simple yet elegant.

The bottom line is that whether sending a sympathy card or a thinking of you card, the act of sending one that you have thought about reflects your sincerity.

Sympathy Cards – The Unfortunate Necessity

I am one of the fortunate people who have a wonderful relationship with my mother that I cherish. We do many things together; shop, travel and I even joined a few of the many clubs that she belongs to. Now mom is a very spry 78 years old. She has more energy than I do and I have trouble keeping up with her. Becoming a member of her clubs and meeting her friends has been rewarding but sometimes sad. Now remember that I told you how old mom is. Well, many of her friends are the same age or much older than she. I have become quite friendly with many of these people. The unfortunate part of this scenario is that quite of few have passed away. I have told mom, jokingly of course, that she needs to get much younger friends! Thank goodness that I purchased boxed sympathy cards from the Gallery Collection for her and for myself.

It is such a good idea to have sympathy cards readily available. You never know when you will need one. When you are upset and sad you really don’t want to have to go to a store and buy one. The Gallery Collection cards are beautiful, have great quality and have the perfect sentiment inside.

Pet Sympathy Cards – Are They Necessary?

Pets are more than an animal that lives with you. When you accept a pet into your home, you make them a part of your family. The love and care given to a pet is often very much like the way you would treat a child. They become an integral part of your daily life. Suffering the loss of a pet is losing a member of your family. Sympathy cards sent to a friend for the loss of their pet is not only appropriate, it is a sign that you are aware of how much they are suffering.

Pet sympathy cards should carry a message of sympathy, caring and friendship. It is always nice to mention the pet’s name, such as: “I know that Duke was a great companion. Please accept my sympathy.” You should avoid any mention of getting a new pet to replace their loss as they probably will not be ready to think about replacing a loved one that soon.

The loss of a pet is often accompanied by depression and can cause the pet owner a great deal of pain. Once you’ve sent that sympathy card, remember to call or visit and encourage your friend or family member to talk about their loss, memories and love of their pet. You can be sure that all kindness will be gratefully received and remembered.

Sending Boxed Sympathy Cards to Co-Workers

Although you might not know the person in all the cubicles in the office or in every department, when someone loses a loved one something tugs at the heart strings especially. The need to send boxed sympathy cards and acknowledge their loss looms large. Family is so important to many of us; it is a void that never gets filled.

It happened to me. I lost both my grandparents and they were waked together.  Although they died under different circumstances, their deaths made all the local papers. It was such a love story even at the time of their passing away.  They were married for 75 years and were never separated, so when they died in this manner it was emotional reading for the romantic at heart.  I received sympathy cards from people I hadn’t heard from in many years from all aspects of my life, personal and business.  My grandparents were a big part of my life, my friends and business acquaintances knew them, some better than others. My grandfather’s smile is so vivid in my mind; it makes me laugh when I think of him. Talk about lighting up a room! My grandmother would cook for any one that mentioned that they were hungry. They would even deliver the food!

Sharing these stories to others while my grandparents were alive, made their time of death remembered by so many.  It was comforting to me that so many people knew of them and respected my family ties.

Sending Sympathy Cards – Show Someone You Care

Becoming older has its rewards; the kids are on their own, the mortgage is paid, knowing that retirement is so close you can taste it. Yes, there are many benefits but there is one aspect of aging that I am not enjoying. So many of my friends and colleagues are losing loved ones…too many really! I seem to be sending as many sympathy cards as I am birthday cards, how sad.

I think it is important to send a sympathy card to someone who has experienced a loss. It’s the people that are left behind that need the condolence. We have all experienced loss; remember how it felt?  Now remember how it felt to read lovely, soothing words of condolence from friends. Having boxed sympathy cards on hand lets the family know that you feel the loss also.

When composing sympathy cards, keep them simple. Here are some suggestions:

–          Our thoughts and prayers are with you

–          Our deepest sympathy

–          With deepest sympathy

–          With heartfelt condolences

–          Please accept my condolences

–          I am sorry for your loss

Also sign your full name and put a return address on the envelope; this will make the job of sending thank you cards a little easier.

Sympathy Cards Are Hugs By Mail

When someone you love passes away, you go through a whole new emotional experience. Sometimes you remember the good times spent with your loved one and the tears fall. Sometimes you remember how you got through the tough times and the tears fall. Sometimes you miss that person so much and you feel like you are all alone in the world (even in a roomful of people)…and the tears fall.

Then you open the sympathy cards that family, friends, co-workers, and even acquaintances have sent. Sympathy cards are truly expressions of love that comfort you. They are hugs by mail! Most are elegant and poignant. The greetings vary from lengthy verses or poems to simple yet meaningful sentences. Until you experience a loss, you don’t realize how an inexpensive peace of paper can have such a profound impact on a person.

So the next time that you hear of someone’s passing, send the family personalized sympathy cards. Your thoughtfulness will be well-received by those who are grieving the loss of their loved one.

A Little Comfort from Boxed Sympathy Cards

It is always unexpected to lose a loved one; to receive that dreaded telephone call that someone special in your life has passed on. No one is ever quite prepared for it, especially when the person who has lost someone is either a colleague or superior at work. It is often difficult to formulate what to say to them. But with boxed sympathy cards you can tastefully let the grieving know that everyone from the company is still there for him or her. Sometimes, that little comfort makes all the difference.

Business should always keep sympathy cards on hand. Instead of spending time running to the store as soon as you hear the news, an awaiting stack of cards can save time and be deployed quickly to the grieving employee. Sympathy cards give the employee something to hold on to…to read over and over for comfort. The Gallery Collection’s line of business sympathy cards are simple and elegant; the image on the front of each design is soft enough to match your words on the inside.

Sympathy Cards – One of the Many Types of Corporate All Occasion Cards

Extending your condolences, wishing a Happy Birthday, expressing your get well wishes or thanking someone for a gift or a job well done are occasions that occur in everyone’s personal life as well as in their work life.  It is just as important and beneficial to acknowledge these occasions as they occur in the lives of your employees, business associates and co-workers as it is to your friends and family.  The use of All Occasion cards in the workplace offers an opportunity to create goodwill and provide motivation.  They can express your wishes of sympathy or congratulate an achievement. Sympathy cards are one such type of all occasion cards that can be used in the work environment, along with Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations or just plain “Thinking of You”.

Not only is all occasion card giving important and beneficial in the workplace but boxes of assorted cards are a major time saver and convenience.   When these life events occur, you will be ready to respond without having to go to the store to buy a card for a specific occasion!  Your message of good wishes, congratulations or thoughts of sympathy will surely be expressed.

The Loss of Whitney Houston – Talent and Heart

Every year I have need for more and more personal sympathy cards. Maybe it’s because I know a lot of people or maybe because I’ve lived in a number of places. Maybe it’s just my age, but it seems that every year I learn of more deaths of people I knew. Sometimes that person is a stranger, but my sadness is real because they feel like family. Such was the case this weekend, with the sad and sudden passing of Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston was an amazingly talented woman who, unfortunately, had her struggles though the years. While all the talk in the past few days has been about her tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown and her issues with drugs and alcohol, I prefer to remember Whitney as a mega-talented singer and a woman who donated much of her time and money to charity.

Whitney Houston had an incomparable voice. One just had to hear the few opening notes of her classic rendition of “I Will Always Love You” to know that she had a talent second to none. What some people may not know was that she was devoted to charity giving. She ran her own organization, the Whitney Houston Foundation for Children, which helped children with such issues as homelessness, cancer and AIDS. She was also involved with other equally important causes, such as the United Negro College Fund, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and the Children’s Diabetes Foundation.

I will be writing a sympathy card for Whitney Houston, and I hope it can find its way to her daughter Bobbi Kristina, who must be devastated at the loss of her mother. So even though I never actually knew her, I choose to remember Whitney for her grace, glory and spirit. I hope you will too.

Business Sympathy Cards Touch the Heart

When someone experiences the loss of a loved one, business sympathy cards can bring to light how many other lives have been impacted by this individual. Receiving acknowledgement from someone’s co-workers touches the heart as it reveals an often unknown group of people that share the loss of your dearly departed. We all know the effects of the loss on friends and family but hearing from outside this group can be very special indeed.

I recently lost a very dear friend of many years. After the services were over, her husband approached me and asked if I would help him choose appropriate thank you cards. He wanted to send a message of thanks in response to the many thoughtful  sympathy cards that had been sent to him from his wife’s co-workers and clients. He told me that he had received an astonishing amount of approximately 300 business related cards! He knew only a few of these people and was overwhelmed by the kindness and caring these cards represented.

Business greeting cards, in general, show appreciation and respect for people we work with, who work for us, and who we work for. That respect and appreciation exhibited through a business sympathy card is a way to show someone how much their dear one meant to others. It’s a simple way to touch the heart.