Gallery Collection Charitable Donations – Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance

The Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance wants to help end diabetes in our lifetime. Their mission is to direct donor contributions to the charitable organizations that most effectively fund research with the goal of delivering a type 1 Practical Cure by 2025.

Thank You Greeting Cards

As part of our charitable contribution efforts, The Gallery Collection is extremely pleased to make a donation of 100 Thank You cards to the JDCA. This will aid them in sharing their thanks with supporters while their funds can continue to help bring a cure to type 1 diabetes.

The Gallery Collection knows that a card can make a difference. When you let people know that you are appreciative of their support it can be beneficial to everyone involved. And we are proud to help bridge that gap.

11 thoughts on “Gallery Collection Charitable Donations – Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance”

  1. I love to read about all the wonderful charities that The Gallery Collection is involved with. Providing Thank You cards is a huge help!

  2. What a wonderful donation from The Gallery Collection! That was such a thoughtful gesture to a great charity. It really means so much to the families and people involved with the charity to have such a lovely donation from a great company!

  3. What a great cause and a great idea! I think this is a unique way to contribute and a wonderful way to say thanks!

  4. I agree with Jenny K., such a unique qay to contribute to a great cause. I hope this spreads to other charitables as well.

  5. Sending a “BIG” thank you to The Gallery Collection, for donating thank you cards to a wonderful charity. In this day and age, people usually text, email, tweet, and use facebook to get a point across and a card is so much more personal.

  6. It sure is wonderful to see another example of people caring for each other. I’m sure that whoever receives these beautiful thank you cards will greatly appreciate them.

  7. Great cause! And nice to see The Gallery Collection contributing in such a positive way! Thank you 🙂

  8. It’s so great to see a business that cares enough to make this kind of donation. Too many companies these days forget the importance of giving back to the community.

  9. That is a great donation. These charities have things other than money to worry about and providing something helpful like this is a awesome idea. Props to The Gallery Collection.

  10. As someone who often gives to charity, I hope your Thank You cards mention somewhere (on the back, maybe?) that they were donated. Not just for recognition for Gallery Collection, but also to let donors know that their donation money is going to the cause and not for buying fancy Thank You cards.

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