Sympathy Cards – Thoughts That Can’t Be Erased

As my parents have grown older, so have their friends. It seems like my Mother was making many monthly trips to express her condolences at our nearby funeral home. The family who loses a loved one has so many arrangements to make within several days and life becomes surreal. The chaos of a funeral viewing and the verbal expression and sympathies coming from so many friends within a short time period erases the faces of those who came to remember. It’s so important to send sympathy cards to let the families of lost loved ones know you stopped by to pay your respects.

Sympathy Cards

Every so often, someone in the work place loses a family member, another reality of our lives. Business sympathy cards are a special way of providing continued comfort to a co-worker and their family. We may not know this person personally, but we become connected through the work place. Giving or receiving a sympathy card from a work acquaintance can build a special bond between friends in the office. Verbal expressions of sorrow are caring, but a sympathy card brings thoughts of compassion that can’t be erased. Your thoughtfulness will always remain with your family or friends.

10 thoughts on “Sympathy Cards – Thoughts That Can’t Be Erased”

  1. You spend a lot of time with your co-workers. They become like your second family. I think sending a sympathy card is very approriate.

  2. It’s true that when one loses a loved one, your whole world turns upside down within a short period of time. Something as simple as a sympathy card truly shows your care during this difficult time for someone, and it means so much to that person and their family. You spend most of your time with your coworkers and so a sympathy card is indeed very appropriate.

  3. Sending a sympathy card really shows you care. If someone passes and you can’t make the wake or funeral, you should send a sympathy card to acknowledge that you were unavailable to attend but still remembered. It’s very special to receive them since it’s a very difficult time in your life and it will put that smile on your face to show people do care.

  4. When my father passed away a few years ago, I received many sympathy cards from my co-workers. I kept all of the cards I received and have looked at them a few times over the years. There were so many that had such sweet sentiments that I really appreciated at the time and still do.

  5. Sympathy cards are as crucial during grieving as the grieving itself. I could not imagine having to go through that without the sentiment and true heartfelt feelings from those around you. The support goes a long way!

  6. Sending a sympathy card to a co-worker is very kind expression of concern for their emotional well being. They expect cards from close friends and family but not usually from people they work with. What a morale booster!

  7. It really is something that hits close to home with me as my mother is getting up there in age and has lost a couple of close friends.

  8. I am surprised by how many people overlook sending sympathy cards. There is, of course, only so much you can do for someone who just lost a loved one and a sympathy card is such a quick way to say that you are thinking of them.

  9. Sympathy cards are just as important or maybe even more important than receiving birthday cards. Recovering from a loss of a loved one alone is nearly impossible. Every expression of sympathy from friends, family, and co-workers will help the person move forward.

  10. I’ll be honest –I have never sent anybody a sympathy card in my life. I send my condolences face-to-face or by e-mail if the person is far away, but now thinking back, I think a sympathy card would really deliver my sentiments in a meaningful way.

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