Design 826CX – Holly Berry Season’s Greetings

Design 826CX – Holly Berry Season’s Greetings, is a design that truly invokes the beauty of nature during the holiday season. The simplicity of nature has always shown me beauty which enables me to decorate my home for the holidays with style and grace. Gathering holly and berries is an annual event for my family. We go to our place in the country for a weekend every year in early December. Bright and early after a pancake breakfast we visit the local Christmas tree farm and cut down the perfect tree and amidst friendly teasing we tie it to the top of our car. Saturday afternoon finds us out in the woods gathering all the holly and berries we will need for the season. It’s always a wonderful family memory that lingers long after the holidays are over. Every year I try to find personalized Christmas cards for my office that match the wonderful holiday feelings that trip to the country gives me.

Design 826CX - Holly Berry Season’s Greetings
Design 826CX - Holly Berry Season’s Greetings

Design 826CX – Holly Berry Season’s Greetings, is a lovely hunter green card embossed with gentle swirls. The gold frame in the center appears to have a mesh screen of gold with a perfect gathering of gold foil holly branches highlighted by red foil berries. These are gathered together with a brighter green foil ribbon and bow with the simple message of “Season’s Greetings” printed below. A perfectly elegant holiday card with good thoughts sent from a firm of people who love the simple pleasures of life.

Design #124CS – Doc’s Race with the Stork

If you like the country-inspired look and feel for your personalized Christmas cards, then you will love design #124CS – Doc’s Race with the Stork Holiday Card. This card is a perfect example of country life in New England. There is such a beautiful story in this painting by Jane Wooster Scott. Just sit and look at all the detail and find the parts of the plot – a late evening sky with a stork carrying a newborn baby; a sign of renewal and rejoicing. Then in the lower portion of the card is the doctor in the carriage racing to get to the expected parents before the stork arrives. The soft blue cast upon the village and the snow on the ground creates a wonderful cold, crisp feeling of winter with a moonlit sky above. You can almost feel the wind blowing through the village. Gee, I wonder if this could also be Christmas Eve to boot!

Design #124CS – Doc’s Race with the Stork Holiday Card
Design #124CS – Doc’s Race with the Stork
Holiday Card

This holiday card gives me such a warm, wonderful feeling just looking at it. Imagine how your friends and family will feel when they receive it in the mail for Christmas. I happen to love any card or picture that tells a story. It makes it so much more interesting and fun to give and receive. This card is a favorite of many people and is also suitable for framing. It is sure to be enjoyed for many Christmases and holiday seasons to come!

The Pioneer of Corporate Christmas Cards

John Calcott Horsley was an English narrative painter living in London from 1817 to 1903. Some of his better known commissions are two frescoes, painted in the Houses of Parliament and most notably, the holiday card his friend Sir Henry Cole asked him to paint. His friendship with Horsley came from their shared enthusiasm for art and working together to organize The Great Exhibition in 1851.

In 1943 Cole decided that he would surprise his friends with a novel and colorful holiday card at Christmas time instead of the usual Christmas letter. At that time letters were time consuming to write and were hand delivered. Cole’s idea meant that from the lithograph John painted, personalized holiday cards could be printed and mailed in pre-printed penny post envelopes. You could say it was the first form of corporate Christmas cards.

The card measured 5-1/8 by 3-1/4 inches. It was printed in a dark sepia ink and hand colored.  The design is framed by a trellis of vines forming three panels. The side panels depict figures representing two of the acts of charity, “feeding the hungry” and “clothing the naked.” In the center is a picture of a family party, including three generations, from grandparents to grandchildren, drinking wine. Below is the greeting, “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.”

1st Business Christmas Card
Within ten years, Christmas cards were the rage of England. Of the 1,000 original personalized Christmas cards printed, only 12 are known to still exist. This card came to be known as the first commercial Christmas and New Year’s card.

What’s a Personalized Christmas Card Going to do for a Bad Back?

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and shoveling is so not delightful…so much to a large extent that my back is now in shambles! I’m one of those guys who tends to hurt himself getting out of bed, never mind having a driveway of snow in my way. So the snow came down…it has been shoveled, and now I’m taking a sick day because I can’t get out of bed.

Can there be anything worse than this? Well I guess there can but I’m talking about me now. There’s nothing on TV, the dog won’t leave me alone, and I would rather sit in silence then call my fiancé one more time.

Oh look, the mail is here. Maybe I’ll get up for a minute to see if the new Sporting News has come out. Oh shucks! It hasn’t. This was a wasted trip. Oh wait, maybe not. Here’s an envelope addressed to me from my dear Aunt Rose who resides in Florida.

I open it up and then followed today’s first and only smile.  My aunt has decided to send me a holiday Card. That may not mean much to you, but to me that’s big. Someone took the time to pick from hundreds and thousands of personalized Christmas cards one that would make me smile.

How did she know a snowman would bring this smile to my face? Who knows, but sometimes holiday cards can do that to you. In an era where people don’t like to take the time…a holiday card shows me you care. A bad back couldn’t even take that away.

Spread Some Joy with Holiday Card Design 086CS has recently introduced a new design to our already extensive Christmas cards line-up – 086CS Frosted Merry Christmas Die-Cut Holiday Card. It is the sixteenth addition to our ever popular Die-Cut Christmas Cards line extension.

086CS Merry Christmas from All of Us

The friendly card design is sure to put a smile on any recipient’s face. It features nine giddy snowmen holding up a banner that reads “Merry Christmas from All of Us.” Beneath the snowmen is a die cut window that will showcase your company name, leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your customers, vendors, and employees.

Design 086CS is embossed on environmentally-friendly, white matte paper. The paper stock is not only made from windpower energy, but it is also FSC certified (SW-COC-002530). Additionally, the paper stock is Green-e certified, which means that renewable energy has been verified and approved for use in the manufacturing process.

If you’re looking to spread some joy this holiday season, what better way to do so than with design 086CS. This premium quality die cut holiday card will speak highly of your company, your taste level, and your eco-consciousness.