Design #365CW – The Homecoming Holiday Card

Having all the family home for the holidays is a recurring theme that generates warm feelings. If you like winter scenes holiday cards that bring people into the picture, and that tell a story, you’ll love design #365CW, The Homecoming Holiday Card.

In this peaceful scene, we see an adult and a child, hand-in-hand, walking up a snowy path to a farmhouse that’s aglow with welcoming light in its windows and smoke flowing from its chimneys. The time appears to be just after twilight, with the moon and first stars visible, and a sky still alight with the reflection of the moonlight off the white snow. Even the barn has a glow in the windows, letting you know that the animals, too, are home and warm and cared for.

Design #365CW - The Homecoming Holiday Card
Design #365CW - The Homecoming Holiday Card

Are these residents of the farmhouse, arriving home at end of day? Are they visitors, stopping by with holiday wishes, and maybe with a basket of homemade jams? Perhaps they are family who have come from a distance to celebrate the holidays with those they love best. Having spent some years living in the country, I have memories of that crisp, clean winter air and the eager anticipation of trudging through snow toward the gratifying comforts of home and family, warmth and smiles, plus the aromas of a home-cooked meal.

Like the original painting from which it was printed, this scene is enhanced with a gold foil frame. The matte-finish white card stock is the perfect medium for the quality and purity of this comforting scene. Sending this winter scene holiday card is a caring way of sharing these feelings of security and the comforts of a peaceful sanctuary.

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