Design #684CX – Merry Christmas Traditions Holiday Card

If you’re looking for classy corporate Christmas cards but are more traditional in nature, design #684CX, Merry Christmas Traditions Holiday Card, may be to your liking. It features a festively decorated Christmas tree adorned with thin gold and silver garland, gold ornaments, and blue ribbons with a large blue Christmas bow atop the highest branch. The artistry is so detailed that you can identify each of the tree’s emerald needles. A slew of blue and gold wrapped presents are lined up beneath the evergreen, just waiting to be opened, and the gold foil sentiment “Merry Christmas” appears above and to the left in a graceful script font. You can just make out the embossed outline of a banister curving upward behind the foliage.

Design #684CX - Merry Christmas Traditions Holiday Card
Design #684CX - Merry Christmas Traditions Holiday Card

This is an ideal card to send to friends and to any customers who celebrate the Christmas holiday. The image will take recipients back to the days of those first magical childhood Christmases.

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