Company Christmas Cards and Tornados

Having worked here at The Gallery Collection for over ten years as a customer service rep, I along with all my fellow employees have come across some strange orders. We’ve all had some really strange imprints requested for company Christmas cards, or sometimes a name will give us a chuckle when we see their occupation. Point in fact, Dr. Pain, who is a dentist.

At our annual Christmas party our President will give the customary speech about the year that has just ended and will invariably include a few anecdotes from the year. I personally have had a few memorable orders from customers, but the one that will always stand out is an order that was placed on the last day of the 50% holiday cards discount.

My phone rang and I answered thanking my customer for calling and asking how I might help. She started to give me her information and wanted to order some company Christmas cards. During our conversation, the connection kept cutting in and out and it made it very difficult to catch everything being said. I apologized to the customer thinking it might be on my end, but she said, “Oh, that’s because we’re in the midst of a tornado.” It took me a second or two to absorb this fact and then I told her that maybe she should hang up and seek shelter. To my dying day, I will never forget her response: “That’s Ok. I’m on my cell phone under my desk.”

Our customers…you gotta love them!

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