Don’t Lose Your Holiday Greeting Cards

It was a beautiful Christmas Eve day with just a hint of snow falling, enough to enjoy the spirit of the holidays but, thankfully, not enough to cause a traffic calamity. As we were getting ready to leave for our annual Christmas party I was sure I had planned everything that was necessary to make this day complete. As I was going over my checklist, the first item to cross off was gifts. They were all festively wrapped, something in which I take great pride; making sure the lid of the box and the box itself are wrapped separately so that only the lid needs to be removed to reveal the surprise inside. Although this takes “talent” and time (chuckle) it saves a lot of wrapping paper and the boxes can be reused with the same wrapping paper. After checking each name, one by one, and placing the appropriate tags on the presents, it was time to carry them to the car, and, luckily, the snow at that time had stopped completely. The next items to be crossed off on my list were the hors d’oeuvres I had prepared for the party along with my famous, absolutely delicious, baked lasagna. This, too, takes “talent” and a lot of time to make. (Chuckle again). After carefully covering the lasagna with heavy duty aluminum foil, and arranging an array of appetizers on trays, these goodies were also carried to the car. I was almost finished, so back to my checklist. There was one item left to check off. Holiday greeting cards. Where were they? After checking my desk drawers, night tables, credenza and every other place that I thought I may have put them, to no avail, I could not find them. I was grateful that there was still time to go to the store and purchase holiday cards. Fortunately the stores were still open and I was able to select individual cards for everyone on my list.

Is there a lesson to be learned? Yes, indeed. I now have a supply of holiday cards on hand at all times. There is an assortment box of holiday cards that I keep in my desk, ready for me to sign and send. What a pleasure to know that it will no longer be necessary to have to rush to the store at the last minute to purchase cards. These include not only Christmas cards, but an assortment of holiday cards. I now have on hand cards for thanksgiving, birthdays, sympathy, thinking of you, thank you notes, congratulations and more. Merry Christmas to me; this was a gift I gave to myself.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Your Holiday Greeting Cards”

  1. I am such a scatter brain that having a box of cards at hand would be great. I always am rushing to the store to pick up this one’s birthday or that ones congratulations. It would make life so much easier and save on gas, ha ha.

  2. Oh boy, thanks for that reminder, I have to fill out my Holiday greeting cards tonight. Yes, I too forget my Holiday greeting cards.

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