It is the Season for Celebrations

It is the time of year for celebrations and congratulations. With summer knocking at our door, we celebrate graduations and showers. However, congratulations need not be limited to these. They can be sent for any life event. Winning a championship, opening a new store, getting a promotion.

I recently sent a congratulations card to my Aunt, congratulating her on a milestone 80th birthday. She loved it, and said she deserved it after putting up with our crazy family for all these years (all in a very loving way, of course)! My aunt also has a great sense of humor.

Whatever, the reason, congratulation cards are a great way to convey the message.
There are so many choices. Congratulatory cards are now adorned with balloons, fireworks or flowers. You can choose from masculine or feminine. There are many simple, but colorful cards that can be used for anyone. Man, woman or child. A favorite in our office is the one that is from a group. We can then name all the cast of characters portrayed on the front of the greeting card.

Whether you pick an individual design or an assortment box to keep on hand, you will always have a greeting card available when that special cause for celebration arrives.

10 thoughts on “It is the Season for Celebrations”

  1. After the stress of this past year I think it is all the more important to celebrate big occasions in any way we can!!

  2. I am so ready to celebrate!!! Graduations, weddings, etc. I am ready to see people.

  3. My mom had a very hard time during the pandemic because it was hard being away from her family and friends. I sent her a Congratulations card to celebrate her getting through it while still taking care of her whole family. She loved it and cherished it very much!

  4. I used up all my congrats cards in my assortment box. I am going to have to get more!

  5. Congratulations cards are great to have on hand. They are uplifting and versatile! People will appreciate them!

  6. The assortment boxes are so good to have on hand. There have been times where I needed a congratulations card and went to my assortment box first! Such a beautiful arrangement of cards to choose from.

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