Keep Correspondence Note Cards on Hand

Correspondence Note Cards are a flat panel cards measuring 4 1.4” by 6 3/8. They come in a boxed set that includes 15 cards and 15 matching convenient Seal Fast envelopes. They are eggshell white in color and have an embossed border that frames the cards.

You can personalized these cards with your name or a short message such as “Thank You” in blue or black ink or if you prefer gold or silver foil. To add to your customization, you can imprint select Brickham Script, Garamond Premier Pro, Nueva Std Bold or Tekton Pro Bold.

They are perfect to keep around for all business or personal uses. At work, I always have two sets in my desk drawer. One that reads, “Thank You” and another that has my full name. If I want to send a quick thank you to one of my employees that went above and beyond or a vender who sent over some product samples, I simply take out my thank you note cards and scribble a brief note. Other times I use these to recognize an employee’s milestone or congratulate a coworker on their success. Sometimes, I even use them to jot down my contact information if I do not have a business card handy.

Keep Correspondence Note Cards on hand for every occasion.

6 thoughts on “Keep Correspondence Note Cards on Hand”

  1. I seriously love these! They look so elegant and I am a big fan of sending out handwritten notes to friends and colleagues.

  2. These are my favorite product. I get them for every new employee in the office as a little welcome gift waiting at their desk.

  3. I’ve been wanting something like this and couldn’t find anything that was on a nice enough paper. These are just so elegant and simple. Love it!

  4. I got the personalized note cards for my friend with her name on it because she prefers to mail messages to her family and friend rather on social media. She loved them! They are beautiful and a great price!

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