Why Your Office Needs All-Occasion Assortment Boxes

The workplace can sometimes be a not-so-personal place. Do you know your co-workers’ last names, where they live, or even their birthdays? Last minute occasions seem to pop-up all too often in the office. Be sure to keep an all-occasion assortment box of greeting cards on hand. Here are a few instances that might happen spur of the moment in your office:
The last minute birthday: Discussing birthdays with your co-workers does not seem like a common conversation to have. Because of this, birthdays seem to pop up last minute all the time. On this instance, head over to the all-occasion assortment box and pick out an appropriate birthday card to have the office sign.
A sudden tragic event: There is no predicting when something tragic happens. A sympathy card can really help out in an instance like this one. Have the office send their condolences using a sympathy card from the assortment box.

A surprise anniversary: Just like birthdays, anniversaries are not something commonly known until the day of. Offer your congratulations through an anniversary card!
A case of the common cold: You have noticed that one of your co-workers has not shown up today, and later find out that they have come down with a cold. Send out a Get Well card or a Fine Note card where the office can write their own personal message.

With the all-occasion assortment box, your office will never miss any of the important occasions that pop up unannounced.

19 thoughts on “Why Your Office Needs All-Occasion Assortment Boxes”

  1. Yep, I will never be caught off guard again. These assortments have been a lifesaver. I’ve even used the Congratulations and note cards as last minute wedding or shower cards if I forget to go to the store (and I always forget to go to the store)!

  2. Assortment greeting cards always come in handy– ya never know when you’re going to need it. These are always great to keep in hand for an unexpected birthday or thank you. Truly great!

  3. These come in really handy when an event pops up that you might have forgotten or was unplanned. It saves from rushing last minute.

  4. I go through the assortment boxes faster than I can keep up! Our company has several locations and close to one thousand employees. We use cards daily.

  5. I even keep a box of these at home when I need to send a birthday card. They have saved me a few times.

  6. These are good because they cover many events. I even use the blank ones if it is something that doesn’t quite fit the other holiday categories.

  7. We have a shelf stocked in our supply closet with these. You’d be surprised the amount of times we have to go reach for them.

  8. I have two of these assortments in my desk right now, get well & birthday. Really convenient.

  9. You’re really prepared with the assorted card box, for any occasion. Saves running to the store on my lunch hour, looking for a card when I need one at work.

  10. I’m amazed you offer so much for so little in the box of assorted cards. You can’t get this kind of value and convenience if you have to run out to a store at the last minute. Keep a box at work-that’s what I do.

  11. Just took a box of the All Occasion assortment to my aunt who’s in a nursing rehab center. She loves the fact she can have cards ready for anything and not have to ask someone to shop for her. P.S. I put a pen in the box, too.

  12. Can’t wait to get my mom an assortment box. She needs to upgrade from those dollar store cards to these amazing quality ones.

  13. There have been countless times where I find myself in a situation i’d need a greeting card in, but forgot to grab one. It’s almost as if this all-occasion assortment box was made for it. Definitely a necessity!

  14. Love having these card assortments on hand. So convenient (and such beautiful, high quality cards)!

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