The Purpose of Greeting Card Assortments

One of the best things I have come across since starting my new office assistant position is an order form for card assortment boxes. The purpose of greeting card assortments are to be on hand for different types of occasions. There are assortments available in many different categories. For example, Birthday, Anniversary, Sympathy, Get Well, Thank You, Congratulations and of course the little bit of everything All Occasion assortment. I have found that keeping a box of greeting cards in my desk is critical. I don’t always remember everyone’s everything. There is always an occasion coming up that a card is needed and everyone scrambles, who is going to go to the store? Who has time today? The usual suspects will come to me and may I add it is usually an immediately necessity. For my own sanity, I have decided to keep a 2 different boxes in my cabinet. I have an all occasion assortment box since it has 35 cards with 16 different types of cards. The most being Birthday cards – 12, Thank you – 6, Congratulations – 5, Sympathy – 4, and then 2 each of the Anniversary, Get Well, Thinking of you and finally 2 blank Note cards. And I also keep a box of all Birthday. Everyone gets a birthday cards! We all enjoy that – Don’t we?

7 thoughts on “The Purpose of Greeting Card Assortments”

  1. Having one of the All Occasion Assortment Boxes (or any of The Gallery Collection’s Assortment Boxes) works out perfectly. One never knows when a sympathy card will be needed. When you suddenly realized it’s someone’s birthday in a day or two, you always have the perfect beautiful card on hand. It’s the same situation when an unexpected Congratulations is in order!

  2. The boxes are soooo handy! No matter how hard I try I always seem to miss an anniversary or birthday and find myself scrambling. So good to have these ready to go.

  3. I have some holiday boxes and they always come in handy since I pretty much give a card to all my friends. I also like that there is a variety in the box rather than buying 20 of the same card.

  4. Always need last minute cards, especially for birthday or sympathy! These are super convenient! Highly recommend!

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