Why the Small Details Matter When Sending a Greeting Card

Sending a greeting card is a wonderful gesture of kindness. For some reason the art of sending a greeting card is becoming very rare. Younger generations seem to be more into e-cards or shooting a text. However, it is important to keep this tradition alive. A lot of people receive tons of mail every day – junk, bills, political flyers, magazines for shopping or hobby reading. When you receive a greeting card it makes you feel special. Someone was thinking about you and wrote you a card, it is personal.

Every detail matters big or small. It could be a sticker, a stamp, a label, a seal, to the color of the envelope, deckled edge, or seal fast so many things you can see before getting to the prize, “the card.” I have always decorated my envelopes with a personal return label, stickers (that remind the recipient of me or themselves). Sometime I just do cupcake, balloons, presents, etc. … for birthday. Or I follow whatever holiday is around the time I am sending a card, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and St. Patrick’s Day.

The postage stamps – I look up every year what stamps are coming out and I stock up on the ones I like. Could be Disney, Pets, American Flag, Purple Hearts, Landmarks, Planets, so many to choose from – last year at Christmas I used Snoopy and Charlie Brown. They are good for Seasons Greetings or Happy Holidays. So many details and they all count. I have always had a nice response to my cards.

My aunt was in a nursing home for 3 years. I sent her 2 cards a week. Decorated with stickers, special labels, picked out stamps (tried to be as different as I could for everything) – and most cards were sent with photos. Could be of our family, or flowers, or places I have gone, mostly animals – dogs and cats. She loved them and she started writing more too and moved herself out of the nursing home. It was wonderful and it really raised her spirits to be receiving such nice cards with all the effort.
The card is a symbol of love. It is the first thing you open as a gift. It shows love, kindness, celebration, prayer, some can be funny or tell a story, or just have a sentiment to say Thank you or I’m here for you. Cards can show off your family, the city you vacationed in, the city you live in, animals you love, and so much more. And then we have greetings, sympathy, with love, birthday, holidays, thank you, thinking of you, and so many more. Color of ink or foil, embossing, digital, foil stamping, refractive foils, glitter and sparkle, the quality of a good card the thickness and vibrant color – so many wonderful things.

Then what we write inside the card our personal messages. I know my family love seeing the personalization with our names printed in the card, but they also want gossip and news about our lives. So writing in the card is crucial. If you have great handwriting – perfect, but if not type it up. I have a friend that draws a picture in all his cards. I love it.

When sending a greeting card remember to put a little bit of Love in it and you will enjoy the response you receive too. I almost do a mini scrap book on all my cards. A small detail goes a long way. Happy Writing and remember the little things.

9 thoughts on “Why the Small Details Matter When Sending a Greeting Card”

  1. As someone who loves getting greeting cards, I never throw them away. I keep them and get crafty with them. I turn them into mini-albums. I group them together by occasion and bind them with binder rings and embellish with a front and back cover and some pretty ribbon.

  2. I completely agree with the power of remembering the details. A little love can go a long way.

  3. I’m really inspired to write more cards now! I need to get an assortment box of blank cards with some pretty pictures on them so that I can write out letters and notes to friends and family. My mailbox is so full of boring stuff these days… maybe this will help turn things around.

  4. I am extreeeeemely detail oriented. Down to the color of the pen even! Have to make a good presentation!

  5. I always buy special stamps for the cards I send and carefully consider which one to put on each person’s envelope!

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