The Worst Advice Ever Told About Giving Corporate Holiday Cards

Corporate holiday cards present a wonderful opportunity during the holidays to thank those colleagues and clients who have meant so much to us throughout the year. A simple but always appreciated gesture such as sending a holiday card can resonate in a powerful way. Nevertheless, there are some out there who are still wary of the inherent value of the corporate business holiday card. Perhaps as children these were the individuals who only received socks, encyclopedias, and root vegetables as presents, and have thus soured on the entire holiday experience. Maybe these inexplicably terrible presents have so scarred their entire beings that they are now sadly blinded to the obvious good that can come of sending business christmas cards. Whatever their reasons, as a warning to anyone tempted to adhere to the tenets of these anti-card senders, I’ve compiled a list of some of the worst advice ever told about giving business holiday cards. Names have been changed to protect the identities of the unseasonably cold perpetrators of this innately inane advice. Enjoy (if possible)!

Kris Krybaby – “Would I ever give a corporate holiday card? Only if I get one first.”
Dr. Sandy Gauze, MD – “Sending out corporate holiday cards can be the start of a worldwide epidemic of paper cuts. The suffering that these holiday cards may induce causing seconds or dare I say possibly minutes of minor acute pain is not worth the risk. Don’t proliferate such misery and agony. Please, trust me, I’m a doctor.”

Rudolph Reignfear – “The propagation of corporate business holiday cards will only usher in the end of a fantastic era of sending last minute holiday text messages. The loss of the art of the holiday text message can cause irreparable harm to the very fabric of our society as our fingers will undoubtedly atrophy from underuse. This significant loss of digital muscle mass, coupled with an assured epidemic of paper cuts espoused by renowned physician Dr. Sandy Gauze, will so incapacitate the public at large that civilization as we know it could possibly crumble like the ruins of ancient Greece. Do you really want to risk sparking Armageddon with corporate holiday cards?”

13 thoughts on “The Worst Advice Ever Told About Giving Corporate Holiday Cards”

  1. Sending holiday cards (and cards in general) is almost all that is left of the personal touch. A new generation is being raised on NOT writing letters or less and less personal interaction. The digital age generation finds writing and snail mail alien. We need to remind them of the joy of sending and receiving Holiday cards.

  2. In this technology driven age we live in we need some kind of reminder that we are still humans with feelings. I feel like we need to express ourselves through heartfelt interactions even if we’re not physically in contact with one another. Sending holidays may be one of the few ways left to do that. The whole paper cut epidemic comment sound like a fancy way to stay I’m the Grinch and I come to steal Christmas to me lol, but hey to each is own right.

  3. With all the new technological advances, it is refreshing and comforting to know that a company I’m doing business with actually took the time to send me a holiday card. It adds a special touch and makes that customer client relationship a lot more personable.

  4. Thanks for the great comic relief! Really good stuff! We need more funny blogs to make the day go faster. There are no card Scrooges here, by the way.

  5. LOL and HA Ha right back at ya! Very funny. The post office could wipe out their debt with the amount of stamps I buy for all the cards I send.

  6. I like your humor. On a serious note, some of us don’t have the budgets we used to have and we need to cut a lot of expenses. I’m sorry to say that we’ve cut our list way down this year due to an economic downturn in our business.

  7. No, that’s not my real name- I got a chuckle out of your blog. I send cards all the time and I’m proud of it.

  8. Paper cuts – that’s funny. What a cute excuse. How about suffering hand cramps from signing too many cards?

  9. The art of sending cards will never disappear as long as you keep making such beautiful designs. Really, I look forward to seeing the new cards for Christmas and have a hard time choosing my favorite. Keep up the good work.

  10. I wish people took the time to send cards for other occassions. Better yet no reason at all!

  11. I hope to never see the day that holiday texts are all that we have left. Cards are so beautiful.

  12. Funny. My best advice is avoid other people’s advice and rely on your own judgement in cards and life.

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