Reasons to Send Calendar Cards for the Holidays

Does it frustrate you that your Holiday Cards just get thrown out every year? No matter how soon you send them it just feels like you are delivering them to your recipient’s trashcan. While some people do save them year after year, many do not. If you want a more economical way to send Holiday cheer, try sending Calendar Cards this year. At The Gallery Collection, there is a wide variety of calendars so you will be hard-pressed to find one you don’t like!

Another reason to send Calendar Cards for the holidays is because it is an all-inclusive gesture for people who might not celebrate the same Holiday. You could even choose to create a Calendar Card using a personal photo, which could be an updated photo of your family for relatives! A Calendar Card is a thoughtful gift that isn’t too much but also feels like something substantial because it is so practical. When you order a Calendar Card from the Gallery Collection you are able to add up to 5 lines of custom text at the bottom, which is included in the price. This is a great way to add any sentiment you want, even including contact information (or hours of operation for your business if you are sending to clients).

21 thoughts on “Reasons to Send Calendar Cards for the Holidays”

  1. My hairdresser sent calendar cards this year. I keep it in my cubicle at work and it is a constant advertisement of her business.

  2. This year the calendar card with a picture is perfect for us- we have a new baby that we want to show off.

  3. You’re right about not everybody celebrating the same holidays so a calendar card is a good compromise for businesses to send.

  4. I checked the website and you have some really nice calendar card designs. I know we’ll find the right one for our business.

  5. Not that your designs aren’t great, but I prefer to upload a family photo for my calendar cards. It gives our friends & relatives the chance to see our growing family- pets included, of course.

  6. The calendar cards are just the right size to tack up in my cubicle at work. They’re useful and pretty nice to look at. The plus comes with the info at the bottom.

  7. I think sending out a calendar card is a good choice for any business. There’s plenty to choose from and it would be best to pick one with no hint of Christmas.

  8. Calendar cards are perfect for year round advertisement and are the perfect gesture to build client/ customer rapport.

  9. I’d like to have a magnet with the same design as the cards I order. I’d keep one card for myself, up on the fridge with the magnet, and send out the rest. Can you do that?

  10. Did you ever feel funny about sending an “ad” with your company info in your Christmas cards? Then a calendar card is for you. People expect to see your contact info on a calendar card, especially your phone number and email.

  11. Calendar cards are especially good choices for client greetings around the holidays. I don’t know anyone who would take offense at receiving a calendar along with wishes for a happy new year.

  12. You have a lot of reasons to choose a calendar card. I would add that it’s a little gift in itself, a token of appreciation for the business you’ve gotten all year from the person you send it to. Hopefully, that relationship will continue.

  13. Everyone could use a good calendar card. Holiday cards are great and can make you feel good, but you can literally look at your calendar cards every week with a purpose, sometimes every day. Keep rocking the good designs!

  14. What a great investment for a small business! This is one card that won’t get thrown out. And I know having a card like this on my desk will make it easier for me to remember to write the new year on letters and checks come January.

  15. These are ideal for a business. If someone puts it on their wall or fridge you get advertising all year round.

  16. Calendar cards are nice because you can really make use of them. I like things that are multipurpose.

  17. It is a great idea to have the company name out in front all year and the cards are very attractive.

  18. Calendar cards are a useful item to send to your business associates and customers. At least they won’t throw it away at the end of the holiday season.

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