28 thoughts on “10th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Round 4 Winners Announced!”

  1. All 10 of them are so good it’s hard to pick, but I really like the toy soldiers and the full moon.
    Best of luck to all!

  2. I love the illustration of the candle in the window. It makes me feel warm and cozy just looking at the flickering flame.

  3. How do the judges determine a winner? Shouldn’t the entry be something that would make a good greeting card like the one’s Gallery Collection makes? These kids do have talent though

  4. The illustration of the cardinals is my pick from this round. It appears that a lot of work went into it!

  5. The candle sitting by the window is my favorite. It has a very traditional look, which I happen to enjoy.

  6. The one I most like is the soldiers on the blocks. I think that would make for a very nice card and something different and special!

  7. I love Entry 4004 – it has the feel of a child’s drawing and I just feel happy looking at it! Good luck to the artist!

  8. 948 – the wintery scene really captures that snowed-in feeling of winter. I can picture a fireplace glowing inside the cabin! Brrrrrrr!

  9. The wooden soldiers and the alphabet blocks would be a very fresh idea. I haven’t seen a card with that before.

  10. I really like that the judges pick a variety of pieces – photography, vector art, illustration. It is nice to see all types of art represented.

  11. All of these designs are so beautiful. I really enjoy seeing what submissions come out each year. Always great work.

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