Corporate Halloween Party Ideas


Today, many companies are adopting a more relaxed policy towards celebrating Halloween.  Allowing employees to dress up for the holiday is number one for corporate Halloween party ideas.

Ground rules are important.  Costumes should not be restrictive or interfere with the employees’ normal duties.   Of course, anything sexual or revealing would not be allowed.  Otherwise, a few witches, ghosts, and ghouls may actually create a great atmosphere.

Second on the list for your corporate Halloween party would be a few snacks which the employees would enjoy supplying.  Black and Orange cupcakes, ghostly cookies and spider webs (see recipe below) would be welcome treats.

Third would be the great parade.  Decide on a few judges beforehand.  Taking a half hour to parade around the office will help to loosen up the atmosphere.  The prize for the best costume could be something like a $5 gift card for coffee.

You may ask, why go through all the trouble.  Well, consider this – a relaxed employee is a happy employee.  Happy employees are certainly more productive.  By relaxing the corporate atmosphere, you will create a better work environment.

Happy Halloween!


Spider Webs

1 8oz pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 can crispy Chinese noodles

1 can peanuts


Melt chips in a double boiler.  Add noodles and ½ can of peanuts.  Mix well.  Drop by tablespoon on waxed paper.  Refrigerate one hour.

18 thoughts on “Corporate Halloween Party Ideas”

  1. This sounds so yummy. I love Chinese noodles and anything with nuts is at the top of my list. I don’t think I’ll want to wait until next Halloween to try this. Maybe my son’s birthday party will do. Hmm

  2. Over the years our costume wearers has slacked off, I think we are all too busy.
    The recipe looks easy, I think I’ll try it

  3. Crispy Chinese noodles?? Like ramen?? I would just drizzle some some chocolate in the form of a spider web on some wax paper, cool it… and tadaaa — chocolate spider webs!!! Easy breezy, nice and easy!

  4. I love Halloween and my office goes all out for it. I usually make mud pudding (a favorite of my kids and coworkers haha).

  5. That recipe for the spider webs brings back memories. Growing up, my sister and I would make them with our grandmother.

  6. I used to make spiderwebs when I was a kid, but the recipe was a little different. We used pretzels.

  7. It really is nice when people dress up. Barley anyone in my office dresses up for Halloween and I wish more would. Maybe the incentive is what’s missing. Dressing up makes it not feel like just a regular day . . . it’s something more magical!

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