80 thoughts on “10th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Round 9 Winners Announced!”

  1. I absolutely LOVE that bird. Is it a robin I think? The colors are so rich and the illustration is done immaculately.

  2. 5059 is lovely and traditional. It really was hard to pick though because each one has something special about it.

  3. I absolutely love the chocolate chip cookies one. Love the way the tree came out in the background.

  4. I like the one with the hand drawn peace on earth text. I love to see hand-lettering!

  5. I would hang that gorgeous mountain scene on a wall in my house. It is just beautiful!

  6. No question, the artwork is getting better with each round. Can’t wait for the winner to be announced.

  7. I wish my kids were old enough to enter. That’s a wonderful thing your company is doing to help a student.

  8. I used to work in a bank. I know how hard some kids try to manage their money to go to college. This scholarship is a great idea.

  9. Country scene of the barn, and the horse pulling the sleigh, is really nice. I think it would make a card that says friendly and sincere, not hyped up holiday wishes.

  10. It’s so inspiring to see all the designs for the cards. The scholarship could be the reason some talented person gets to go to college. Wonderful!

  11. Apple, orange & cinnamon, what a pretty card and a reminder of the scents of autumn & Christmas baking. Yum. Apple pie-

  12. Love the card with the barn & the sleigh. Well, it’s not a card yet, just a design but I think it would make a cute holiday card.

  13. I see a lot of talent in the entries for round 9. I’m looking forward to seeing the winner later this year.

  14. I hope I’m not wrong but I bet the barn & sleigh card gets chosen for the scholarship.

  15. I wish them all good luck. That’s a big scholarship and I hope the student who gets it will be successful.

  16. I am back and forth between a few of these. Looking forward to the announcement of who wins.

  17. I look forward to this contest every year. I am a fan of the arts and very much enjoy seeing the young talent.

  18. The deer in the woods is simple but nice looking. It could be a nice wintry card, especially with the quality Gallery Collection prints them.

  19. The blue bird is great. I’m a big bird watcher so I always like those kind of cards.

  20. That bluebird on the branch is the sweetest thing. He looks like he’s waiting for winter to be over.

  21. I like the card with PEACE written across it. There’s a cross there too and that’s a perfect symbol on a Christmas card. It’s like a glowing star.

  22. Please pick the horse & sleigh with the barn as the winner, or at least a runner-up. It’s such a nostalgic design.

  23. I’ve mentioned to my daughter that she should ask her art teacher for some advice about this scholarship.She’s good with drawing. The scholarship is wonderful. I hope you have a new one soon.

  24. There are a lot of women who are executives and would appreciate a note card like the one with the apple on it. It doesn’t always need to be a holiday design as the winner of the scholarship.

  25. incredible artwork and huge talent all around. the winner is definitely going to be impressive seeing all these designs!

  26. The train that is full of toys going through the mountains is something different than the rest. It stands out for that reason.

  27. The barn with the horse and carriage is wonderful! I love the way it was drawn and it is such a nice traditional Christmas/winter scene.

  28. These all turned out phenomenal. The apple with the orange and cinnamon stands out to me because it isn’t your typical holiday scene.

  29. That train takes me back to my childhood. Reminds me of this snowglobe my mother had out on the table every Christmas.

  30. Cookies and milk! Throw some foil on there and it will pop even more than the awesome art that was submitted.

  31. Just a little trivia – the first Christmas card sold in England was a collaboration between a government postal worker and an artist friend of his. It’s nice that these student artists have a chance to design a card that will be sold all over the US and Canada. Good luck!

  32. We’ll see the winning design on May 1st. I hope it’s one of my favorites, the barn with the horse-drawn sleigh.

  33. I think your scholarship is wonderful. It will make a difference in some lucky student’s life, maybe the difference of going to college or having to miss out on further education.

  34. Are there more rounds following this? Looking forward to see the next choices and who ends up winning!

  35. This scholarship leaves me impressed with your company. That is a HUGE savings for the lucky winner. College costs a fortune now.

  36. If only there were a scholarship like this when I was in college. I spent decades paying off school.

  37. Hurry up, May 1st! I want to see the new scholarship winner’s card and see who’s going to get a big boost toward paying for college.

  38. Just a few days left until the big day for the scholarship winner. I wish all the kids who need some help could get it. Good Luck to all the finalists!

  39. I’ll be checking with my art teacher for senior year to see if there’s another contest. I missed this last one.

  40. Yeay! I guessed the winner-the horse & sleigh card. Congrats to Sarah. I hope she has a bright future. She wants to go on to vet school after college so this scholarship will help with that.

  41. I’m sorry the apple didn’t win but I’m happy for the girl who did win the scholarship. Best of luck to her.

  42. So great the horse & sleigh earned the $10,000. I hope the scholarship helps the winner a lot.

  43. That young winner Sarah must be very happy. Congratulations. It’s wonderful what your company is doing to help students with their education!

  44. Waiting all year couldn’t have been easy for all the students and their parents. That scholarship money is a wonderful way to reward talent.

  45. I guess you’re getting a lot of reaction now that the winner has been chosen. My favorite PEACE card entry didn’t win but maybe that student will try again next year.

  46. The mini bio about the winner surprised me. She’s so talented I thought she would pursue a career in art. Still, art is a wonderful hobby for a lifetime and she’ll lots of animals to draw when she’s in vet school.

  47. The horse is really great. The traditional art appeals to me. I love a nostalgic type of card.

  48. SO THRILLED to see my favorite entry won! Everyone did such a great job, but that one stood out to me and apparently to the judges as well.

  49. I know the next Christmas card I’ll buy, the winner Sarah’s horse & sleigh card. It’s so nice and classic, with a country theme. Sleigh rides are fun!

  50. I’m sad my favorite cardinal card didn’t win, but I wish a lot of luck to the girl who drew the winning entry. I hope she has success in college with the help of this scholarship.

  51. It’s wonderful that such a talented young student will have financial help with her education.Good Luck to Sarah!

  52. How long before another contest starts? I hope the non-winners aren’t discouraged from trying again.

  53. All the entries wowed me. I suspected the horse would be the winner. It is going to be a classic card.

  54. BEAUTIFUL AND STUNNING! Love the one that one but the others were all just as incredible.

  55. With college tuition going up all the time your company is doing a wonderful thing by offering a scholarship for artistic talent. The winner did a fine job.

  56. The winning design is so lovely. It reminds me of a winter day on the farm back in my home state of Wisconsin.

  57. Congratulations to all the finalists of your scholarship contest. I saw that in the past you’ve done cards with some finalists’ designs. I hope you can do that again this year. The winning design is perfect.

  58. Congratulations to the talented and fortunate Sarah Gainer! It’s great that her high school will receive some money as well.

  59. I was surprised that two of the past cards were submitted in what looks like just pencil drawings on plain paper. They were so plain but your company made them look very festive.

  60. There’s always so much talent!! I look forward to this competition every year.

  61. Bravo to your company for continuing this scholarship contest. I’m sure the prize has made a huge impact on all the winners.

  62. I’ll keep checking your website for news of the new contest. My son starts high school this fall and he’s really interested in art as a career.

  63. I wish that it would say what kind of medium the contestants used. So much skill!

  64. Congrats to the winner! I hope she has a successful time in college. I was disappointed to see there were no finalists this year, just the one winner.

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