Card Imprinting For Business Christmas Cards: Which Foil Colors Work Best?

So you went on The Gallery Collection’s website. You’ve decided which design you want for your Christmas cards this year. You found the perfect greeting that suits your company. You even crafted the perfect imprint at the bottom. And you’ve decided you want to upgrade to the foil inside your cards as opposed to ink . . . but now you’re stuck. Which foil color do I use?

If you want the elegance and sophistication that foil exudes, foil is the clear choice. But The Gallery Collection offers several foil colors to dazzle your recipients. One deciding factor between them is to look at your design. If you’ve selected a photo-mount card the border of the picture will be in silver or gold. Generally speaking, cards will look more cohesive if these foils match. Some cards have prismatic or metallic elements or specks of foil glittering on the cover. The same consideration applies with these—watch the silent videos on the website to get a better idea of how the card looks when handled and choose according to your tastes.

While some cards might not include these glitzy details, even just looking at how the colors would complement the foil is worth thinking about. Still stuck? Think about your company’s colors or logo, which could help persuade your decision. Are you doing your greeting in an ink (red, black, blue, or green)? Or maybe you’re adding signatures to your card or an ink stamp of your logo? Think about which color(s) ink you will use and how that will alter the look of your card, whether it compliments or clashes.

Another thing to keep in mind is how the foil will appear on the card stock itself. If you choose a dark-stock card, foil is your only option, so there aren’t other colors on the inside to be concerned with. Another option is to use multiple foils inside your card. For some people it is harder to see silver foil on white cards. Others find gold foil on buff appears washed out. Based on your preferences and a little fore-thought, your cards will dazzle in the foil of your choosing.

Nervous about how your card will appear? Order a proof and receive your exact card before you have hundreds produced. Not to worry, the consistent quality and excellent customer service The Gallery Collection provides will leave you satisfied every time!

55 thoughts on “Card Imprinting For Business Christmas Cards: Which Foil Colors Work Best?”

  1. Love that you guys finally have more foil color options! Can’t wait to order my holiday cards with red foil this year!!

  2. I choose foil every year for all my cards. It looks so expensive and adds so much flair to the card. I like to just pick whatever matches the front design.

  3. I am so excited about all the new colors! It is going to be hard for me to pick for my cards this year. I love the gold and silver so these new ones are going to be an awesome addition.

  4. I’m really excited about the blue foil. The foils look so good on the cards and the colorful ones should add even more flair.

  5. I’ve been doing gold foil for years on my cards. It will be fun to jazz it up some more with these options.

  6. Finally, more foil color choices. Thank you. For sure, red or green for my Christmas cards this year. I just have to pick the card design and see which one matches the best.

  7. Nice new foil colors. I think if you want to stay elegant then match the color to the front of the card. And to stay casual contrast the color. Red or green for the Christmas cards is usually a good choice.

  8. New colors for the foil is a good idea. We’ve been getting your cards for years with the silver or the gold so it’s nice to try something new this Xmas. Thanks.

  9. I’m glad you have some new colors for the foil. Very nice. Also I’m glad you don’t use those sparkles that rub off on my hands.

  10. My card is the one with the big red truck going up the driveway. Red foil inside will make that card stand out! Thanks for the new colors.

  11. I think the idea of a proof card is a good one. I’d like to see the green foil up close in my chosen card.

  12. The gold and the silver foil were getting old so I’m glad to see the red, green & blue foil colors. I want that in all my cards now.

  13. Red or green foil for Christmas and blue for birthday cards is just perfect. Glad you added the colors.

  14. Hoping I can get some samples to decide. The blue might be great for me because it is the color of my company logo so it will be a good representation.

  15. You cannot go wrong with foil. If you can’t choose just match what goes with the card design, but I think that no matter what the foil looks good.

  16. You have a great idea with the additional colors in foil. Almost any of the Christmas cards would lokk very festive in either red or green foil.

  17. Red, green and blue foil added to the gold & silver we’re used to from The Gallery. Very good decision to add the colors.

  18. I can’t wait to see my cards this year – I picked the green foil. I just know it will look great! Sometimes you have to shake up the status quo.

  19. I’ve been ordering the foil for years and I am thrilled to see options other than gold and silver. I can’t wait to get even more creative with my cards!

  20. This is a really great addition. I always wanted to get myself colorful foil because I just love the way the foil looks and I’ve used the gold and silver for years and years.

  21. The red is going to be a big hit for Christmas! I always gravitated to the foil because it looks so nice, but I’m really happy to see the new color options so I can get the red I always wanted to go with.

  22. It has been hard picking my cards this year. There are SO MANY really pretty new designs and now the choice of foil colors is making it even more difficult to decide what to get.

  23. The new colors will make the cards even more cheerful. It will be nice to choose a blue or red foil for a birthday card or that nice green for Christmas.

  24. It’s harder to decide now with the new foil colors, but thanks for finally offering the red foil. In the past I really wanted it and now-I picked a card that would look better with blue foil! Go figure!

  25. I think the blue foil is perfect for almost any birthday card, and the red or the green will brighten up most of the Christmas cards, too.

  26. It’s a bonus to have either red or green foil inside your Christmas cards. It’s that extra touch that brightens up the greeting.

  27. You can’t go wrong with colored foil in holiday cards. Even though the gold & silver have been elegant choices for us for many years, I think I want red this year to give our cards some punch.

  28. Just ordered more birthday cards for my company. I went with the blue foil because it matched the present on the front of the card we opted for. I think it will really look great.

  29. Red and green are going to be fantastic to choose for Christmas cards. Love the traditional colors now in foil!

  30. As much as I love the look of the gold and silver, I’m going to have to see what these new colors are all about. I have already been eyeing a card with a lot of blue on front so the blue foil could be a good option, even if it isn’t your usual Christmas color.

  31. The new options are going to make my cards even better. The red will work so well with my logo. Can’t wait to order in a few weeks!

  32. I love the new foil colors, but still holding out for a purple! It would match my business branding so well.

  33. I thought it would be easy choosing my card this year. I knew what design I wanted right away, but now I have to pick foil colors! I’m dying to try all the options.

  34. I usually order my cards very early in the year. Glad I waited this time around so I could pick form the new options.

  35. The blue foil will look great in almost every birthday card. So glad you added that to the line. Also really glad you don’t use glitter on your cards!

  36. Just when I thought your company was a little too old fashioned for us this year you came out with new foil colors. Instead of gold we’re ordering the red foil. Thanks.

  37. Maybe to some people sending Christmas cards is a chore but for me, I love it. I want to send a memorable card with a personal note to express myself. Thanks for the new foil colors. I’m going to have fun signing my bright & shiny Christmas cards.

  38. If you’re asking which foil colors work best inside the cards you have to consider the color theme on the front of the card. You wouldn’t pick blue if the dominant colors were red & green.

  39. I just ordered my Christmas cards and got the red foil. I’ve been waiting for you to add some colors to the standard gold & silver you’ve offered all these years.

  40. Red, green and blue foil added to the gold & silver choices really is a big deal. Now I’d like to see copper or brown foil in your Thanksgiving cards.

  41. Your blue foil is perfect for a change from the silver we’ve been ordering. We send out cards for Chanukah and always stick to the blue & white designs.

  42. I splurged and did a multicolor card last year with foil and ink. It was going to be a one time special thing, but now with these new foils I am REALLY wanting to do it again!!! Blue foil must be so pretty and would look nice mixed with silver or black ink.

  43. From all the comments about the new foil colors I think this year’s Christmas cards will be full of the red & green foil. I think the blue is going to be very popular for the birthday cards.

  44. Wow, all the comments about the added foil colors. I guess I wasn’t the only one wishing for something besides gold & silver.

  45. Foil is truly stunning. Everyone is so impressed with my cards each year because it looks like I must spend a fortune. You can’t go wrong with any color!

  46. Now it’s even harder to choose which cards I want haha Love the new foil colors, they really jazz up a card!

  47. I always send holiday cards that are colorful and now that you have the red and green foil I can really dress up my cards!

  48. What took so long to add these new colors?! Your shiny red foil is perfect for the card I’m getting, the Winterberry Tree.

  49. You know, some cards just look like they were made for the colored foils. I’m glad you gave us more choices.

  50. It’s only May and already I’m obsessing over which Christmas card we’re going to send. One thing I do know is I want one of the new foil colors inside the cards.

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