22 thoughts on “11th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Winner Announced!”

  1. A lovely choice… I’m looking forward to seeing this as a holiday card. Perhaps on green paper stock? Just a thought…

  2. What a nice country scene- an old fashioned Christmas card is just what I like. What about a little info on the artist, please?

  3. Some snow on a country road to capture a feeling of Christmas. The surprise is how colorfully the bridge has been decorated. A very pretty holiday card.

  4. What a pretty card this will make! It looks so professional it’s hard to believe a student did it.

  5. When the true meaning of the holidays are lost to commercialization, it’s nice to see a card that features the countryside and an old-fashioned bridge. Bravo to the winner!

  6. In the past finalist art was used for cards. Will we see some of those this year as well?

  7. Congratulations to the winner. I hope this scholarship money helps with her student debt and her goals.

  8. My son starts high school in the fall and he’s a pretty good artist. We’ll be checking for the next contest.

  9. What a blessing to finally have the confidence to submit a design. Read her profile and you’ll agree Ms. Voss has earned this reward.

  10. I wish we knew more about the original art-was it water color, colored pencils, etc. ? I’m anxious to request a sample of the final card.

  11. That’s a really nice winning card. I voted for a different one with a cute puppy, but I like this one, too.

  12. This was one of my favorites and I am very happy to see that it won! Congratulations to the artist!

  13. Down south where I live it’s pretty warm at Christmas so I love to see snow scenes on my cards. Puts me in a holiday mood.

  14. I always like following this contest. This might be my favorite one I’ve ever seen!

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