11 thoughts on “12th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Round 2 Finalists Announced!”

  1. Entries 474 and 448 are really great. 448 has a very real feel to it, and I could see it being used for cards, or a 45′ cover.

  2. Entry 519 looks like it can be used as a retirement card. Entries 532 & 528 look so eerie to be holiday cards, but then again with the right artist anything is possible.

  3. These entries are all so creative. My favorites are 587 with the big beautiful home in a the winter scene and 148 with the building and yellow-lit door. It reminds me of a scene out of the Madeline children’s books.

  4. Although # 519 does not inspire thoughts of the holidays exactly, I love the scene as well as the colors this artist chose to use.

  5. I love the detail in the Santa sleigh and reindeer in # 349. Also like way the artist created the sky in this one.

  6. I love the trees in #528. The building in the background makes me wonder where this scene actually exists. Good luck to the artist!

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