Foil Folders and My Presentation

I have been trying to sell my new online ordering business to every restaurant you can imagine. Yes, you can send the marketing email hoping that the right person reads it. Yes, you can do some cold calling hoping you talk to the right person. But let us be honest the odds of that working is slim and none and slim just left town. That is why I turned my idea into reality wrapped up with a nice bow called Presentation Folders.

I took my company logo and slogan and slapped it on the front of this sweet black folder in some sweet gold foil. I also made sure to pop my website on the bottom of the front as well. The key is to also add in some business cards to the inside so make sure your folders have slits for that. Print out nice documentation to put in the actual folder. Now you have something of substance to sell. Since I have started doing this my business has noticeably gone up. The best part is this is without a big financial investment. I buy the Presentation Folders, print the documentation and then drop them off where I think I can drum up some business.

6 thoughts on “Foil Folders and My Presentation”

  1. What a great way to gain customers. Even if they do not make contact right away, chances are they won’t throw away the folder. Business cards can easily be lost, but folders are so useful and an unconventional yet memorable way to market clients.

  2. This is a great use of these folders. Aside from using them for internal meetings and corporate events, I had not thought of using them for direct sales/marketing, but now I will be presenting this concept to others in my company.

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