17 thoughts on “12th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Round 8 Finalists Announced!”

  1. I love #3890- the one with the snowman whose red scarf appears to be blowing in the wind. It is adorable and captures the winter and holiday season perfectly! Definitely a favorite for me!

  2. 3890 is fabulous! I love the scarf on the snowman because I can “feel” it being blown by the wind!

  3. The lantern – # 5323 – is so pretty! The colors and feeling this creates is perfect!

  4. I really like the one with the old fashioned truck that has the evergreen tree (Christmas tree?) over the hood. Design # 5224. It’s the perfect country winter scene for the holidays!

  5. I love the way the artist captured the scene in 5224! That old truck and the trees and snow look authentic!

  6. The one with the red barn # 4985 is a perfect autumn or Thanksgiving design! I like it a lot!

  7. Entry 4876 – how could anyone not LOVE that little fawn?? My favorite, just saying!!

  8. I think artistically, # 3914, with the girl by the tree is the best. It looks like a beautiful water color painting!

  9. I love the sun effect and the snowman and scarf in 3890. I think this is the winner!

  10. The talent this contest brings in is extraordinary. So many would make stunning cards.

  11. 3914 is definitely the best one. The way that the girl in the picture looks at the tree is the symbol of “merry” in Merry Christmas!

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