Building Your Corporate Greeting Card


Most people associate greeting cards with the Holidays. A business, wanting to reach out to associates and customers, will send out printed cards in the hopes that the recipients will remember the company fondly in the future.

But there is so much more to greeting cards. One of the best ways a company can maintain a positive relationship with its employees is to mark the special occasions in their lives. Birthdays are made a little more special with a birthday card from everyone in the office. Throw in a small token gift such as a scratch-off lottery card and it’s a great way to celebrate an employee’s special day. Similarly, sending an anniversary card to mark the anniversary of an employee joining the company sends the message that every employee is valued by the company.

The larger a business gets, however, the more difficult it can be to keep track of everyone’s special days. Add to that the hassle of getting a signature from the boss every time, and it’s not hard to understand why a company wouldn’t bother with it at all.

But there’s a solution for that.

Ordering birthday cards and anniversary cards printed with a few signatures and perhaps the company logo and keeping them on hand for when the moment arises is the perfect way to give employees that feeling of belonging to a company that is a family.

Step One: Find a greeting card (or cards) to match the tone of your office. There are cards for every corporate environment, with clean bold lines or whimsical designs.

Step Two: Choose a generic but sincere message that can be used for anyone in the office. If you want to create your own message, that can be an option too.

Step Three: Get the company logo and the signatures of the people in the office who always sign the cards. Send them to the The Gallery Collection and they’ll get printed on every card. No more chasing down the boss to sign a dozen cards at a time!

Step Four: Have your cards shipped to your office. Then they’re ready whenever you need them. A birthday/anniversary database kept up by an administrative assistant or the chairperson of a company “Sunshine Club” ensures that every card is delivered to every employee on time.

In this age of email and text messages, a value of a greeting card has risen exponentially.

7 thoughts on “Building Your Corporate Greeting Card”

  1. We started ordering these and it kicks it up a notch from the ones we got at the dollar store. Such beautiful cards and quality.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Especially regarding receiving a birthday card with all of my co-workers personal message and signature handwritten inside!

  3. I love how vivid the colors are in the Birthday Card shown in this article! Great choice to represent your cards!

  4. There are some great options of greetings from Gallery Collection. It makes it so much easier than having to think of what to say.

  5. Being a new hire, the card does go a long way. Everywhere I worked so far, none has come close to what this company did to make you feel welcomed and will never forget it!

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