Environmentally Friendly Greeting Cards for The Green Team

Our town’s Environmental Commission put together a birthday celebration for the Green Team’s President. The Mayor and City Council attended. I only knew the president for a short while and she didn’t smile much. I had just ordered environmentally friendly greeting cards from The Gallery Collection and gave her one. I was thankful I did because after her speech on saving trees she read her birthday cards. The first thing she did before she read the card was flip the card over and look at the back of the card. She got to my card, paused, looked at me, then she smiled and passed my card around to everyone, even the Mayor! She was so impressed that I had given her an exquisite birthday card. Most importantly she was extremely impressed that the cards and envelopes were made out of recycled paper.

Not only were the cards eco-friendly but they were made from renewable energy and manufactured in a paper mill powered by wind-generated, renewable energy. Wind power energy produces zero greenhouse gas emissions, is fully renewable and reduces the need for imported oil. I was the talk of the party! Now she sends everyone eco-friendly personalized birthday cards. There is so much waste that effects our planet and ultimately affects our health. Being part of the Green Team and the Environmental Commission makes me very aware of the negative effects waste has on our planet we call Earth. As I learn more about the environment I realize how much waste is really accumulated, I also realize that the more I do my part in being green the more I can contribute to the future of our planet. I am thankful that there are companies like the Gallery Collection that goes a step forward in preserving our planet.

7 thoughts on “Environmentally Friendly Greeting Cards for The Green Team”

  1. Wow, talk about perfect timing! It seems that she truly appreciated your birthday card on many levels.

  2. They may be hard to find but definitely worth looking into companies that operate the eco-friendly way. We all need to do our part to save the world for future generations. Kudos to gallery collection for doing their part.

  3. I’m also impressed by the effort the Gallery Collection puts into their cards, and you can’t deny the quality of them either. These cards always get a “wow” from the crowd

  4. I’m not sure if I would consider myself as environmentally conscious as I should be, but I do hate to waste. Good to know that The Gallery Collection recycles. It’s another great reason for me to continue to do business with them.

  5. Bravo. I am so glad that there are still many people who do not take their planet for granted.

  6. I love the emphasis on doing your part. As consumers, we really determine which companies thrive and which don’t. We have the choice to support companies that show they consider their environmental impact rather than the ones that do business at the expense of our planet’s health. Every time you purchase anything from a company, you are funding their practices, whether you agree with them or not. We have as much responsibility as them to at least to educate ourselves on the products we buy.

  7. thank you for your contribution to saving our planet. i will recommend your cards to all my friends

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