Saving Time And Going Green – Environmentally Friendly Greeting Cards

When choosing my birthday cards this year, I decided to purchase environmentally friendly greeting cards. It’s always nice to play a part in helping the Earth we live on. The cards are still of fabulous quality. There’s nothing lacking, so it just makes sense to do something green. What better way to share my thoughts and wishes to those I care about?

Environmentally Friendly Greeting Cards

Greeting cards always express sincere sentiment. I’ve always enjoyed including a little handwritten note within the cards to add something special. This year, I decided to purchase my cards all at once because I am extremely busy with my job and school activities. It’s difficult to run around to the convenience store on a whim. In order to save myself time and money, I decided to get my own personalized birthday cards. The cards I selected are all recycled paper and show the recipients that I genuinely care about our environment. Inside, I included the family signatures. This is great for us- it’s difficult to get every member of the family to sign cards because we all have very different schedules! Of course I intend on including my little notes within the cards, but the idea of having them pre-signed saves me from scrambling at the last minute!

Environmentally Friendly Greeting Cards for The Green Team

Our town’s Environmental Commission put together a birthday celebration for the Green Team’s President. The Mayor and City Council attended. I only knew the president for a short while and she didn’t smile much. I had just ordered environmentally friendly greeting cards from The Gallery Collection and gave her one. I was thankful I did because after her speech on saving trees she read her birthday cards. The first thing she did before she read the card was flip the card over and look at the back of the card. She got to my card, paused, looked at me, then she smiled and passed my card around to everyone, even the Mayor! She was so impressed that I had given her an exquisite birthday card. Most importantly she was extremely impressed that the cards and envelopes were made out of recycled paper.

Not only were the cards eco-friendly but they were made from renewable energy and manufactured in a paper mill powered by wind-generated, renewable energy. Wind power energy produces zero greenhouse gas emissions, is fully renewable and reduces the need for imported oil. I was the talk of the party! Now she sends everyone eco-friendly personalized birthday cards. There is so much waste that effects our planet and ultimately affects our health. Being part of the Green Team and the Environmental Commission makes me very aware of the negative effects waste has on our planet we call Earth. As I learn more about the environment I realize how much waste is really accumulated, I also realize that the more I do my part in being green the more I can contribute to the future of our planet. I am thankful that there are companies like the Gallery Collection that goes a step forward in preserving our planet.

Are Environmentally Friendly Greeting Cards The Way To Go?

A card has different meaning for every individual. One person can see it has a special note while another individual can see it as a waste of paper and another tree gone. However, things are different now. Many companies offer environmentally friendly greeting cards that are gentle on our resources but still allow you to express your gratitude, well wishes, and holiday cheer along with your regard for the planet.

One environmentally friendly card that I absolutely love receiving is made on seeded paper. Instead of throwing the card away or storing it in a bin you can plant it and watch a beautiful flower bloom. However, there are some cards that you never want to let go – personalized birthday cards. Personalized cards have that special touch. It shows that the sender thought of you. I store birthday cards in a bin and read them over and over again through the years.

This past birthday, my mother fell ill. I was so focused on my mom that I didn’t get the opportunity to read any of my cards. I place them all in a bin and said I would get back to them shortly. Days, weeks, and months passed – until the other day when I was rearranging the closet and I saw the bin where I store my birthday cards. I received so many thoughtful wishes. Each one had a different note with a wonderful birthday greeting. There was one card that stood out among the rest. The paper was luxurious and it featured gorgeous, sparkling stars. It really caught my eye. Then I saw that it was from my Mom. She wished me a happy birthday and said “I know how you feel about the environment!”

I was a bit puzzled until I turned the card over and saw that it was an environmentally friendly greeting card. I had no idea such a lustrous card could also be good for the planet! It brought a huge smile to my face. In my opinion environmentally friendly greeting cards are definitely the way to go!

C’mon People Now, Buy Environmentally Friendly Greeting Cards

C’mon people now, smile on your brother. Ev’rybody get together, try and love Mother Earth right now. Help commemorate Earth Day by buying environmentally friendly greeting cards. You can easily find eco friendly personalized birthday cards, holiday cards, thank you cards, sympathy cards and appropriately enough, eco friendly Thanksgiving cards. We need to be socially and environmentally responsible to our precious earth so that our children and their children and their children will be able to enjoy this magnificent planet for years to come.

We are stewards of this earth. We are only here for a short time. We need to care for our environment and protect our natural resources. Buying eco friendly greeting cards is a great start. The manufacturers of environmentally friendly greeting cards will usually advertise on each card the fact that they are eco friendly so everyone who gets a card from you will know that you too care for the environment. This makes a lasting impression. It may also inspire others to become more environmentally responsible as well. You can make the mountains ring or make the angels cry. It’s your call. But remember…Some will come and some will go. We shall surely pass, so when the one that left us here returns for us at last – how will you explain the footprints you left behind?