Why Get Well Cards Are Important in the Business World

Get Well cards are extremely important inside and outside of the business world. Get well cards let your employees, supervisors, or whoever is ill, sick, or injured know that they are being thought of during their trying time of illness, sickness or injury.

Imagine how the person in question would feel when they open a card full of well wishes and good thoughts from their co-workers. I, for one, would feel extremely pleased and happy to know that I was thought of enough to warrant a Get Well card. On GalleryCollection.com, there is a variety of Get Well Cards including the Get Well Roses Get Well Card, the Get Well Basket Greeting Card, and the Garden Get Well Greeting Card.

They also have an amazing Get Well Assortment Box, stocked with thirty five Get Well Cards; with nine different designs. Sending a get well card to your employee or supervisor creates a kind of caring and empathetic representation of your company, and it will make your employee or supervisor happy to know that they have been thought of, and it may even make them feel just a little bit better!

11 thoughts on “Why Get Well Cards Are Important in the Business World”

  1. Believe me, when you’re home from work for several weeks, on the mend, it really cheers you up to receive get well cards. Better than an email. a card with everyone signing & adding little notes was welcome the last time I was stuck at home recuperating.

  2. It’s old-fashioned in this day of emails & Facebook bit I still send Get Well cards. On my first job we had a Sunshine Club and sending these cards to anyone who was sick was a way to cheer up our fellow workers.

  3. Get Well cards are one way to cheer up someone who’s “under the weather” and who can’t have visitors while they quarantine. I especially like cards that feature colorful flowers.

  4. Garden Get Well – the card is so pretty and charming with the bee buzzing around the flowers. Very cheerful.

  5. If you’re home sick for a few weeks it’s nice to receive cards from the people you work with, to know they wish you well.

  6. When you’re sick and at home away from your co-workers how nice is it to be remembered by them and for them to send get well wishes to you?

  7. Along with Get Well wishes cards you should have some blank Thinking of You or Fine Arts cards. It’s nice to be able to write a note in your own words when someone is gravely ill.

  8. Especially now, when in-person visits are discouraged and sometimes not allowed at all, a get well card is a must to send to co-workers. They will be glad they were not forgotten.

  9. In these days of COVID, I think the workplace is changing and sending Get Well cards is becoming more common. ..which I think is wonderful!

  10. I had a stroke, on the job, in a customer’s yard. I would have LOVED to get a “Get Well” card from the company I have been with for 20 years.

  11. Get well cards are very nice to receive. I recently sent one to my friend who had surgery and she couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful the cards were. She ended up ordering some for her company 🙂

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