Card Assortment Boxes Make Things Easy

Have you ever been at a work Christmas party in the past and people you did not think would give you a Christmas card…end up giving you a Christmas card?  How dare those terrible people do something nice that you did not expect!  I have been in that situation before being a veteran of many, many Christmases over the years.  Let me tell you this; I do not have that issue anymore.  I purchased a Holiday Assortment Box  and now I no longer have to fear the niceties of people.

Do not just stop there.  You can get yourself a Birthday Assortment Box as well.  Perfect for the office.  You do not want to give the same card out to people as birthdays come along.  It looks impersonal to do that.  Get a box that has multiple choices so you can vary it up throughout the year.  People will smile and you will smile in the back of your mind knowing that you cared enough to get that person to smile.  There is this thing called karma and you want to be on the right side of it as much as you can.  All in all these are two simple ways to make people happy and to get rid of the extra frustration that could creep up if you do not have cards handy.

All Occasion Cards and My New Pet Store

Last year, I opened up a pet store in my neighborhood. I never did anything like this before; I’m really just a computer geek with a soft spot for animals. I woke up one day and something told me to just do it, so I did. It took a lot of time, effort and many sleepless nights but now I am proud to say, I am a pet store owner. As a pet store owner, I have become very close to my customers and feel like they are a part of my extended family. I would email them thank you, holiday and even pet birthday cards, but I felt that the e-cards were too impersonal. One day, I went on Google and looked for some card companies and I am glad that I found the Gallery Collection for my All Occasion cards.

I called them and ordered cards for my pet store. I chose assorted greeting cards to celebrate the pet stores one year anniversary, and to also have cards to thank my clients, and much more. I had some apprehension but the lady on the phone was so friendly, patient and helpful that I felt like I was standing right in front of her. She asked me what I was looking for, took it step by step and explained everything to me. I ordered cards for my employees and my customers as well. The cards were like a thank you for being a loyal customer. The lady on the phone completely understood what I was trying to do, and eased my apprehension by assuring me that the Gallery Collection would make it work. And it did!

Assorted Greeting Cards Make The Perfect Reminders

Sending assorted greeting cards for different occasions to clients, customers and business associates is a great way to advertise and keep your company on the minds of many throughout the year.

Most of my friends usually send me an email or call me on my birthday. At my age (which we will not disclose now that I became a Grandmother), we rarely get gifts. That day usually consists of many calls and a dinner somewhere during the weekend with the entire family. After the calls, the greetings are gone and there is nothing in the house to remind me of my birthday. So by receiving birthday cards in the mail from my doctor, dentist, and insurance company, I get to look at them every day with a smile on my face.

Not only do I get greeting cards for my birthday and Christmas, I also get All Occasion cards from businesses throughout the year. On July 4th my local town hall sent a card to wish everyone a happy holiday and to advertise the parade and fireworks. On Thanksgiving I received a greeting card from my local produce shop with a coupon inside. It’s great receiving these cards as they remind me to call for a doctor’s appointment or order my holiday dinner trimmings! Now that spring is in the air, I just received a card from the real estate agent I rented a house from last summer to remind me to book it again soon.

These are things I may not have remembered to do if I didn’t receive greeting cards from these businesses. What a great and inexpensive way to advertise, especially in today’s economy!

Assorted Greeting Cards Can Do Wonders For Your Employees

All of us at one time or another in our lives have had the real joy of celebrating a special day, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or a graduation.  During this celebration I’m sure we’ve all received lots of great gifts, and cards from our closest family members and friends.  But how many of us can say we’ve received this same sentiment from our employer?  Probably not many.

This is why sending your employees assorted greeting cards is so essential.  It lets them know how much you care.  It lets them know that they’re an individual who is important to your company, not just another random face punching a clock.  It makes them feel their work and loyalty is appreciated by their bosses and supervisors.  These greeting cards, given out without any fanfare but with a firm handshake and done unexpectedly, would be a tremendous morale booster, especially now when the economy is flagging and people’s minds may be distracted by negative economic news.

Lord knows how many people are worried about whether they may or may not keep their jobs or if they can pay their bills on time.  But receiving a small note of acknowledgement and appreciation from an authority figure can do wonders for an employee’s state of mind and productivity.

Assorted Greeting Cards and A Big Surprise

Looking back, I remember a time when I had been the host to a fantastic surprise birthday party. It was a 16th birthday party that took place at my home on a Saturday night in March. There was a lot of thought; preparation and planning that went into organizing the event. I sent out invitations about a month and a half in advance so that everyone could have enough time to plan ahead for the big night. I figured sending out invitations in the form of assorted greeting cards would be the best way for everyone to remember the date and mark it on their calendars.

As the day of the party drew closer, I double checked my list to count how many people were coming so I knew how much food to make and how many beverages were needed. There were 50 people coming. For those 50 people I had ordered 50 boxed greeting cards. On each card I wrote, “Thanks for sharing in my Sweet Sixteenth birthday” and included a picture of my daughter on it.

On the Saturday afternoon of my daughter’s birthday I began to decorate my home. I placed the pink and silver Happy Sweet Sixteenth Birthday banner up in the foyer and scattered the matching pink and silver balloons throughout the foyer, the kitchen and the dining room. I had ordered plenty of coordinating pink and sliver plastic plates, napkins, utensils and cups. Throughout the day I cooked and prepared appetizers, the main course and baked and created a two-tiered chocolate cake! As I finished icing the cake, I placed it on a silver platter on the kitchen table and surrounded the cake with pink and silver photo confetti. On the confetti were pictures of my daughter – just the perfect touch of detail to mark her special day.

At 8pm the guests started arriving and by 8:30pm everyone had arrived and the lights were out. We were ready for my daughter’s arrival. My daughter would be arriving at 8:45 from her dance class and we were all quiet and still ready for her entrance. I was the closest person to the front door and I heard the jingling of her keys as she was preparing to unlock the door. As she opened the door and reached to turn on the light, we shouted out “Surprise!”

The Convenience of Having Assorted Greeting Cards Readily Available

Oh no ….. not again!  It was 7:00 o’clock in the morning as I woke up to see huge snowflakes falling from the sky.  We had just survived three snowstorms in my town and were now in the midst of a fourth.  As I looked out of my window to see how much snow had fallen I realized it was going to be another grueling “exercise” day for me.  Much as I like to exercise, snow removal in freezing weather is not my forte.  Although I marveled at the beauty of the on the branches of trees, and how it covered the rooftops of homes and walkways, this admiration was short lived and reality took over.  It was time to have a hearty breakfast, dress warmly and get ready to clear this white stuff off my car.   After 20 minutes of brushing the top and sides of my car, I was ready to shovel the 8 inches of accumulation surrounding it when I realized I loaned my shovel to a friend.  Much to my relief, a neighbor recognized my dilemma and came to my rescue with his shovel and muscle and had my car out of the snow, and, ready to go, in not time.  After returning to my apartment and warming up, I quickly grabbed a box of assorted greeting cards out of my desk, selected one that said thank you, wrote a message and slipped it under my kind neighbor’s door.

The Gallery Collection has a wide variety of cards to choose from in their greeting cards assortment boxes.  Each box contains holiday, birthday, congratulations, and thank you cards.  Even in the worst weather the assortment box will have you prepared without having to try and get to the store to let someone know you care.


Personalized Greeting Cards – Keep Your Customers Thinking of You

Sending personalized greeting cards is one of the easiest and most economical ways to keep your company name foremost in your customers’ minds. When you think about it, they are a low cost form of advertising. When you pay for advertising, you are never sure of who will actually see it or whether it will be seen at all. A greeting card actually ends up in the hand of a live person. Most of us enjoy receiving cards and will most likely hang on to them for a while. Unlike newspapers that end up in the recycle bin, greeting cards are actually displayed, so that everyone in the office can view them.

Assorted greeting cards abound these days. There are so many choices. There are cards to fit every situation. Fun, elegant, simple, feminine or masculine are just a few. There are thank you, congratulations, get well or sympathy cards and let us not forget the most popular, holiday cards. Calendar cards are another good option and are a great way to have your company name displayed every day of the year.

Personalized greeting cards can be typeset with an imprint or can be signed by hand. They can even be a combination of both. One can choose from a provided list of greetings or be creative and make up a customized greeting. Logos can be added to the card or can simply have the company name imprinted. There are so many choices and options available.

When you send a greeting card, you are letting your customers know that they are not just thought of part of the time, but that they are an important component in the success of your business. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and personalized greeting cards allow you to convey this very important message. Sending greeting cards keeps your customer in mind, but more importantly, it keeps you in the mind of your customer.

Assorted Greeting Cards: My In-Case-of-Emergency

So I went on a shopping spree the other day. As always, my intentions were to stop at the store to pick up the one thing I needed, which was a greeting card assortment box. But as any shopper knows, it is never that simple! Once you get to the store, you start looking around and seeing all these other products that you could use or that you might as well get while you’re there.

It occurred to me that I should pick up some snacks and bottles of soda for my Super Bowl party. And I also browsed the movie section and picked up a few DVDs. Now that football season is over, I’m not going to know what to do with my time on Sundays! Along with all of this other stuff that I bought without really needing, I got my box of assorted greeting cards, which I sometimes refer to as my emergency kit. Once I picked up what I was really there for, I was all set.

I like to purchase boxes of assorted greeting cards because when I look for a single card, I end up spending too much time reading through every card (as well as spending too much money). It’s also easier to have an assortment on hand instead of running to the store when I realize someone’s birthday is right around the corner. I love giving personalized greeting cards, even when I don’t know the recipient all that well. The box of assorted greeting cards that I found was perfect because it included birthday cards, sympathy cards, thank you cards, anniversary cards, and get well cards…all the cards I could possibly need in the case of an emergency (or a senior moment).