Business Greeting Cards Can Enhance Your Reputation

A simple and inexpensive way to get noticed and remembered is to send business greeting cards to clients, patrons, customers, and patients. And don’t forget how useful they can be for co-workers and employees.

My company gives all of its employee’s really nice custom greeting cards for their birthday every year. This year they made them even more special by adding a note at the bottom of the card saying, “Bring to HR & receive two movie tickets.”

Alright, a trip to the Caribbean might have been more exciting, but a free evening at the movies was a thoughtful and unexpected gesture – especially with today’s economy – and it made each of us feel appreciated and valued. It’s nice to know that our employer continues to be interested in our having enjoyable lives outside of work.

This morning, I was telling my next door neighbor about my birthday card and movie tickets, and she very enthusiastically had to tell me about a special greeting card she had recently received. It was a thinking of you card from her surgeon, which arrived a few days after she returned home from the hospital. It said he appreciated her choosing him and reminded her that he and his staff are dedicated to her speedy recovery and are available to her any time.

The card was a welcome surprise, lifting her spirits and making her smile. She’s now his biggest fan and all her friends at the weekly Senior Citizens Club have all heard how remarkable he is. It’s enhanced his reputation and made his name more well-known. I’m sure he’ll be at the top of the list of any one of them needing surgery in the future.

Especially in today’s world of emails and tweets, sending business greeting cards can have a great impact and leave a lasting impression.

6 thoughts on “Business Greeting Cards Can Enhance Your Reputation”

  1. That is a great! I find that more companies are handing out small gestures of Thanks. Maybe it’s finally a sign of the economy improving. As a recipient of some of these gestures, I can say for sure that is very much appreciated.

  2. you know what would have been ever better? 2 tickets to a movie about the Caribbean but the theater is actually in the Caribbean as well. Then while you fly Caribbean Airlines on the way to the Caribbean you watch a movie about the Caribbean. Now THAT would be great!

  3. I think this is great. I would of been thrilled with two movie tickets especially with all of the great blockbusters coming out this summer.

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