Business Greeting Cards Help Erase Employee Dissatisfaction

Business greeting cards may have taken a back seat on the list of high importance when companies are considering what cuts should be made to the yearly budget. However, when the cost of sending a greeting card is analyzed, it is a small amount to spend. It can be a small price to pay to convey to the recipient that they are truly appreciated. It shows that one is remembered throughout the year. Not just when one is actually purchasing or utilizing a product or service, but all of the time. In these crazy economic times, an under appreciated customer or client can spell doom.

Now let’s take a look at employee birthday cards. How much importance do we place on this? I would venture to guess that it is probably not enough. The thought is that an employee should just be happy to have a job. This is true enough. But please consider this recent news headline – Americans’ Job Satisfaction Falls to Record Low. The article states that only 45% of Americans are satisfied with their work. In 2008 that number was 49%. Ok, that’s only a 4% drop. However, in 1987 the number of satisfied workers was 61%. The article goes on to list some of the reasons for the drop, such as the jobs are not interesting, incomes have not kept up with inflation, and the increasing cost of insurance cutting into take home pay.

There are some things that can’t be controlled. Inflation and insurance costs are all but impossible to fix. Companies can’t stop inflation or the increasing cost of insurance. Companies can however, do some small things that can take a bite out of this growing trend of dissatisfaction. You know, lessen the sting a little bit. By recognizing an employee’s birthday or anniversary, we are letting them know that although we are all trying to work through these trying times, they are truly and sincerely appreciated.

Ok, sending employee birthday cards is but a small thing, but small gestures can go a long way in boosting employee moral. Not showing appreciation will not help the company in the least, whether it is a customer or employee. Imagine if you will, that only 45% of your customers are satisfied. It’s a sobering thought. Any successful company knows that appreciated employees will go the extra mile, even in tough times. They will also stick with you when the tough times are over!

3 thoughts on “Business Greeting Cards Help Erase Employee Dissatisfaction”

  1. I’ve worked for many companies in my working life time and it seems the smaller the company the more recognition via cards that celebrate birthdays and anniversarys. some one should do a study on that-are people working for smaller companies happier?

  2. I would agree with Marcella, it may be the size of the company, but why don’t large companies do that? There’s nothing stopping them from sending an employee a business greeting card, yes it is a small gesture, but nowadays those small gestures go a long way.

  3. I think getting a business greeting card will brighten up anybodies day. Its the little things sometimes that matter most.

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