Corporate Greeting Cards Give Your Business A Personal Touch

Have you ever worked for a business that gave its employees corporate greeting cards? I have. I enjoyed receiving a special card on my birthday, filled with signatures of people I worked for. I loved opening up my Thanksgiving and holiday cards. It made me feel valued. Appreciated. I knew I was not just a number; I was someone they took pride in being able to call an employee. Because of that, I knew how important little things, such as greeting cards, meant for a successful business.

A few years ago, I decided to venture into the world of real estate. As many independent contractors and business owners know, it’s crucial to build a positive rapport with clients for referral business. While working with buyers and sellers, I made it a priority to get to know my clients. I kept a log of all their birthdays. I wrote down their “Home” Anniversary.  My list grew longer and longer, as did my need to send out greeting cards on a weekly basis! Thank You cards, holiday cards, employee anniversary cards; you name it— I send them out very often.

Referral business is important, but clients like to know they are working with genuine individuals. Because I take time out of my busy day to remember the people that helped me succeed, I’ve been able to continue doing what I love. However, it’s not just about the business itself; it’s about the relationships which simple gestures, such as business greeting cards, create. For all of this, I have to thank the company I once worked for. I’ve never forgotten how valued I felt from tearing an envelope to find a special greeting card waiting for me.

8 thoughts on “Corporate Greeting Cards Give Your Business A Personal Touch”

  1. I it a very nice gesture of ma company to hand out cards to its associates, especially if there are handwritten notes inside. We need to bring back the ‘personal’ touch, in lieue of sending emails or texts.

  2. I recently received a card from an ex-coworker who is now in the Real Estate business. The card was professionaly done with a recent photo of her, (Yes, recent photos are the best, don’t start off a business transactions by being a phony by giving a picture from 20 years ago!), It had a nice calendar on it, and it now adorns my refridgerator, so, it is always handy!

  3. I agree with you, sending business greeting cards is a great way to keep your name out there. I always remember the company that remembers me especially during the holidays

  4. I guess I’m the exception. I don’t get any warm or fuzzy feeling when I get a card from a company I’ve done business with. I do like getting the coupon that sometimes comes with the card!

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