Corporate Greeting Cards For Everyone

When my Dad owned his construction business years ago he was a very considerate boss. Respect was a two way street at his office.  He always asked his assistant, my mom, to run to the card store for specialty cards.  His always had corporate greeting cards to fit every occasion.  He appreciated his employees so much that an anniversary, birthday or any other occasion never went by without him acknowledging that special day in the life of his workers. One day my mom forgot to send a card for a particular birthday to an employee.  This was a milestone birthday for this worker and it was important to my dad that he received his card on time. There weren’t any cards on hand in the office so he went himself to a store to pick out a card.

He came across the idea to order boxed greeting cards online. This way he would always have them on hand at the office.  This was a good fit for his thinking; he would always be ready with that perfect card to send for any occasion.  The companies’ business greeting cards tradition was a welcome practice by all the employees.  It gave them a sense of appreciation in more ways than one.

6 thoughts on “Corporate Greeting Cards For Everyone”

  1. It must have been nice to grow up with such a great Dad. Giving a birthday card may seem like a small gesture but it speaks volumes to the recipient.

  2. I think that’s a great idea to have boxed cards for any occasion. It’s always somebody’s birthday in the office and it would be nice to have a card at hand.

  3. I think its important to only reward those that deserve to be rewarded. If an employee is slacking or not putting in the work that is expected of him then on his birthday he shouldn’t get a birthday card. Instead he should be given an envelope which contains on the inside a letter informing him he should be happy he still has a job on his birthday. At least that’s how Mr. Scroodge used to do it and he was a pretty successful business man.

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