Business Birthday Cards Make Dreams Come True

Birthday cards are great to receive from a family member, close friend or even a co-worker when it’s your special day. Well, businesses have special days too! Did you ever receive business birthday cards? Last November I received a card at home announcing Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Celebration at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. When my daughter saw the card, she immediately thought it was for her and assumed Mickey was celebrating his birthday with hers since they are in the same month.

I did the only thing I could think of. I made reservations for the entire family to spend a few days in Florida to celebrate her birthday. Of course we had to bring special personalized birthday cards that she signed just for Mickey and handed to him at the special character breakfast we had set up in advance. We took so many pictures of Mickey, who was extremely excited to receive his card! He really did make a big ado for her and she just bubbled over with delight. We all had a wonderful time and it made a five-year-olds birthday extremely special. All she talks about now is how she and Mickey had a birthday party together. On the flight home, I thought, “How smart of Disney World to send business birthday cards.” By sending a card, you really can make dreams come true!

5 thoughts on “Business Birthday Cards Make Dreams Come True”

  1. The Disney World people are experts at making kids want to go there. Whenever I hear the commercial I start planning a trip for my grandchildren in my head-clever idea sending birthday cards too!

  2. Sending birthday cards from Mickey is a very clever way of advertising Disney World. What kid wouldn’t want to join the gang for a breakfast birthday! I myself have always like Goofy the best! See what can happen when you wish upon a star!

  3. Hmm. Very interesting. Ive always wondered just how hands on Mickey mouse really is with the business side of Disney. I mean i give credit to a mouse for starting what has eventually become one of the largest companies in the world but does he still get roll up his black sleeves and put in the day to day work. Does mickey reply to emails or does he have his secretary do it. Does Mickey read the newspaper each day or does he pay one of the member of the mickey mouse club to do it. I mean they have ridden his coattails to success so its the least they can do. For a guy whos fashion sense hasn’t evolved since 1928 its amazing that he continues to be the head of one of the most successful companies in the world. Here’s to you Mickey!!!! A mouse amongst men.

  4. My brothers got together and planned a surprise 50th birthday/vacation celebration for me at Disney World. It was the best! The simplest way to describe how much I enjoyed the whole event is to say my face actually hurt from laughing and smiling all day. Don’t believe it? Try grinning ear to ear from the moment you get out of bed in the morning until the fireworks display is over in the evening. Once those facial muscles relax the pain is similar to a sunburn. It really hurt but I’ve got to tell you it was way worth it.

  5. I think this business birthday card really helped you feel connected to Mickey is so many ways. I’m sure its a birthday your daughter will never forget.

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