Sharing Memories With Business Greeting Cards

When my long time college friends and I decided to throw one of our good friends Erin the biggest surprise party of her life, we knew we had to come up with an amazing idea that would make a lasting impression on Erin and the friends and family that we invited. With all the planning and preparations between us going on for months, we wanted to get a special message out to Erin how much she is loved and appreciate by all who will be attending her special party. To do something a little different, we set up a photo booth for everyone to take a few pictures of themselves to leave for Erin. My friends and I came up with an idea to leave a basket of greeting cards next to the booth so Erin’s guests along with the picture they took can write a short note for her to look at for years to come. After searching many internet sites for the nicest greeting cards at a reasonable price, I came upon The Gallery Collection website, which believe it or not had the most beautiful assortment of business greeting cards to choose from.

Surprise Party Greeting Cards

At this point, I needed to have on hand a few different designs of greeting cards to have next to the booth. I was able to order an assortment box of greeting cards which was the perfect touch for the message we were trying to get across to Erin. After each of the guests took a picture in the booth, they got to pick a greeting card out of the basket which fit them best. Besides leaving the picture they just took inside the card, they can write a special personalized message, maybe a special memory they shared with Erin, or they can simply write a thank you to Erin for her friendship over the years.

After speaking with Erin a few days later after her party, Erin was very touched by the idea we had with the photo booth along with the greeting cards. She loves the idea that she now has a picture to go along with a special message from each of her guests to keep from years to come.

4 thoughts on “Sharing Memories With Business Greeting Cards”

  1. What a great idea. Now in addition to the memories she holds in her heart she will have physical reminders of how much she means to all the people who attended.

  2. Hope you got some group shots also-it would be so much fun to bring the pictures out a few years from now to remind the guests what a good time they had

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