Social Media Versus Greeting Cards

The world that we live in today consists of Facebook, Twitter, Texts, Emails and impersonal relationships. We are so consumed with our lives and how quick we can get to the next thing. In my opinion, it is alright to keep in touch with people that are not currently in our everyday life, but close family and friends deserve for us to slow down and become more human.

Take a moment to remember how it felt to receive a greeting card in the mail and appreciate the time someone took to sit down and write you a message. We need to keep relationships that are close to us, closer. Just know when it’s the appropriate time to text, email or simply send a greeting card.

I understand technology makes a lot of communication more available. We also now have the ability to create beautiful pictures on cards at the push of a button. Getting married? Send those invitations through the mail, not an online post. Wishing your mom a happy birthday should not be sent electronically. Think to yourself before you send that impersonal email. Can I take a moment to send a personal card instead?

5 thoughts on “Social Media Versus Greeting Cards”

  1. I love getting mail other than junk. A physical card is such a nice surprise to recieve.

  2. I send cards for everything. Sometimes I send them for no reason just to brighten someone’s day.

  3. I love receiving a greeting card! Nowadays most people send me a text for my birthday, but I cherish the one or two greeting cards I receive so I can decorate my desk with them. They are so beautiful and personal. You truly can feel the love the person is sending you!

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