Holiday Cards for the Millennials


Millennials were raised, for the most part, fully immersed in technology. This is why people commonly assume they would be disinterested in holiday cards; people think, “they grew up in this fast-paced environment, where everything gets to them immediately. Texts, emails; everything they send or receive is delivered in mere seconds. So why would they want holiday cards, which are such a dedicated and long process of buying, signing, sending, and then waiting even more to receive?”

But that long process is exactly why millennials would cherish holiday cards.

Millennials might be used to the world of texting and emails, but these things are very impersonal and don’t require much effort. It takes extreme effort and shows a lot of care to go out of your way to buy someone a card, make it out to them with a special, personalized message, and then going through all the effort of sending it early enough for them to receive it on a timely basis. This isn’t something most of their peers will be doing, so if you send a millennial a holiday card, you can be sure they will appreciate it twice as much as everyone else, just because of how rare it is.

In case you would like some ideas, here are some Gallery Collection cards that might really appeal to the beloved millennial in your life:

1. Show off your own technological skills with one of our digitally printed cards which allow you to even customize the front of your cards – Ribbon Tree Christmas Card

2. Make them laugh with this sweet and silly holiday card, featuring special tips for Santa Claus – Tips for Santa Christmas Card

3. Millennials will definitely be able to relate with this funny card explaining exactly what happiness during the holidays really is – Holiday Happiness Card

4. This card is a bright and vibrant card that is sure to appeal to the millennials who prefer a more contemporary card – Bright City Lights Christmas Card

5. This is another humorous card that millennials will certainly be overjoyed to receive – Dear Santa Christmas Card

14 thoughts on “Holiday Cards for the Millennials”

  1. I’ve been ordering greeting cards from The Gallery Collection for a couple of years now and I am continually amazed at the variety of cards available on the website. There is truly something for every generation.

  2. I ordered some really funny cards to send out to my friends last year. They loved it and were pleasantly surprised because no one my age sends cards out.

  3. I think that millennials take more time when they are choosing a card, it’s not that fast instant text. At least that’s my experience.

  4. With all the texts and emails everyday, it is so refreshing to receive a tangible card for the holidays. I love the idea that someone took the time to think of me, that really gets me in the holiday spirit. A physical card is something I can keep for a very long time.

  5. Millennials, for the most part, are crazy about anything nostalgia. Receiving tangible holiday or any greeting card, triggers memories to the glory days when their biggest struggle was waiting for the newest episode of Power Rangers to come on. Getting physical mail, that aren’t bills is still an exciting event in anyone’s day.

  6. None of my friends send out cards for anything, but they love receiving them when I do! I wish more people would keep up this tradition.

  7. I don’t know any millenials who send cards out. None of my kids or their friends do. Wish they would, perhaps when they have families.

  8. I was in shock when I got cards from two nieces in their twenties this year. I never would have expected it from anyone in that age bracket. One niece choose a very beautiful, traditional card and the other put together a really funny and creative photo card.

  9. I’ve never seen cards like these before! Not like your typical cards at all. I’m impressed by the range of silly to elegant. I know what to get my teen!

  10. With all the new technology, millennials have definitely become less sociable. Social media is ironically one of the biggest reasons. I believe that this generation will soon realize that there is a good reason for more personal and effective communication.

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