Winter Is Coming: When Should I Send My Office Holiday Party Invitations?

Winter is coming! Winter is coming! Most people don’t get too excited about the news that the dreary, snow filled days of winter are approaching. I really don’t either, but what I do get excited about is all the holiday excitement and celebrations that are on their way.

The hectic holiday season fills me with a rush like no other. Between work, family and friends, I am always rushing from one event to another. This is not a complaint, but getting the invites on a timely basis is extremely important. I hate to miss even one gathering.

Sending a holiday party invitation too late becomes an issue if your invitees are busy. They may already be booked. If you send your office holiday party invitations too early, then you run the risk of being forgotten. Although there is no concrete guideline on when to send an invitation, I suggest you get those invitation out about four to six weeks before the holiday party. This timing gives your guests plenty of time to save the date, find a sitter, pick out the perfect ensemble and still have time to generate excitement. Try to be respectful of your employees. They have many obligations outside the office and understand the importance of attending the annual office holiday party.

5 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming: When Should I Send My Office Holiday Party Invitations?”

  1. The early bird catches the worm! Send a “Save the Date” if you’re worried about being too early. A friendly reminder always works!

  2. I certainly agree with the timing. Four to six weeks is a just the right amount of time to get everything perfect for an event your really want to attend.

  3. Invitations should be sent 4 to 6 weeks before the holiday party if you want to give your employees time to put it on their calendar. Any earlier and you run the risk of them forgetting to put it on their calendar. It is such a busy time of year between holiday parties, school plays and concerts, traveling and family gatherings.

  4. A lot of people travel for the holidays which can turn into a mini vacation. Most companies celebrate before the actual holiday, so by applying the rule of thumb of a month in advance, I think around Thanksgiving. One company that I worked for actually had a holiday party sometime in January because so many people were traveling for the holidays.

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