3 Easy Costume Tips to Follow for This Year’s Halloween Office Party

Even though Halloween in the office is all about getting dressed up and having a blast, there are a few costume tips to follow. First you want to make sure you follow the dress code if your office has one. All of the basic office rules still apply even during a party. Follow these three costume tips at your next Halloween office party:

  • Keep it simple – A Halloween office party doesn’t call for a full body costume. Keep it simple by dressing down, so to say. Go for a funny hat or a themed t-shirt. Try not to pick a costume that requires props, they can get in the way of the festivities.
  • Keep it safe – Safety is still important even during a party. When you are on work premises you must abide to the rules. Be safe this Halloween and avoid wearing a mask or any loose fitting clothing that might get stepped on or caught in something.
  • Make it fun – Instead of wearing a mask, wear a crazy colored wig or try to paint your face! Use bright colors to look like a clown, or get creative and do your makeup to look like a hungry zombie.

5 thoughts on “3 Easy Costume Tips to Follow for This Year’s Halloween Office Party”

  1. Important points, you definitely don’t want to go to work in an inappropriate costume. Use common sense!

  2. I have grown really fond of animal ears and tails. Very convenient for a last minute costume.

  3. It’s so much fun to wear a little headband or hat. If you don’t want to do makeup, facial tattoos look great too.

  4. Time has come once again to choose the right costume. I try to participate in office activities but, for this holiday I will keep it simple.

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