9/11 – Thirteen Years On and Still In Our Hearts and Minds

The Gallery Collection remembers the 9/11 terrorist attacks. From the victims of the attacks, to the first responders and every day citizens who rushed in to selflessly help others. From the World Trade Center, to the Pentagon, to Flight 93. Thirteen years later, and they are all still in our hearts and in our minds.


8 thoughts on “9/11 – Thirteen Years On and Still In Our Hearts and Minds”

  1. Very glad to see this post. I can’t believe it has been thirteen years since this tragedy. May we never forgot this day and always come together to fight the evil in the world around us.

  2. I was fortunate not to have lost anyone on that day, but days later you would hear about a friend or relative of someone you knew. It effected everyone in one way or the other. I still cry when I see the newsreels from that day.

  3. A day that will forever be remembered. New York is such an important part of this beautiful country that this event brought us all to our knees. It was a very rough time in our country that felt like it would never get better. I’m so glad we overcame the horrible situation. The memorial is such a beautiful display of how we always rise above hardships and defeat.

  4. This day will NEVER be forgotten. It changed so many lives forever. Sadly there will never be closure for some.

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