Congratulations Cards for Flying High

Almost all of us have a written list or have at least thought of some things that we would include on our bucket list. I have been very blessed to have done a few things already that I have been able to cross of my bucket list but my latest thrill has come from jumping out of an airplane from 14,000 feet. Do I deserve Congratulations cards for such a feat? My kids think I do! Let me tell you why.

Skydiving is totally safe is the message I got from the company that was allowing me to jump, yet I had to sign many a form saying that I would not hold them liable should anything happen. Always having been a bit of risk-taker, I was undeterred and ready to jump. I was not really nervous but as we were ascending higher and higher, 7,000 feet, 9,000 feet, 12,000 feet….I did have a brief moment when I thought to myself, what the heck were you thinking? But alas, that passed quickly as my tandem instructor hurled himself, with me attached, out of the back of the airplane. I can’t tell you how incredibly liberating it is to free fall for an entire minute before having your parachute deploy. I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list.

The next day, I found Congratulations cards that my kids had made for me which said Congratulations Mommy for jumping out of an airplane. I found it very amusing to be congratulated for something I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager. But nonetheless, I saved those precious hand-made greeting cards along with the video and pictures I purchased of my extremely eventful day. I will never forget the experience but it’s great to be able to relive it every once and awhile. My next bucket-list adventure is a hot-air balloon ride. Not quite as risky maybe but at least the hot air won’t only be coming from me this time.

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  1. Congratulations from me also! I wouldn’t jump from a plane if you paid me-really I am so afraid of heights. My bucket-list has things like cruises and trips to Italy maybe not as adventurous as yours but I do hope to accomplish some as you have-Congratulations again!

  2. You deserve that congratulations card for jumping out of an airplane, I don’t know if I could do it but I will add the hot air balloon to my bucket list for the future.

  3. Quite an Achievement! I am sure it is a thrill of a life time and one would want to do
    it again. They say the Sky is the Limit.

  4. Quite an Achievement! I am sure it is a thrill of a life time and one would want to do
    it again. They say the Sky is the Limit.

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