Now I Know What Corporate Birthday Cards Are Truly For

The first time I received an invoice from our sales and marketing department referring to corporate birthday cards I didn’t understand why we would spend money on something that seemed so frivolous. You see, I work in the accounting department involved with accounts payable and I didn’t know what the company would use a corporate birthday card for. My friend Mary works in sales and I asked her. She explained how very valuable they are because it reminds each customer that we remember them and they are individuals with a special day and that they really matter to our business. She went on to say how sometimes a customer will call without placing any order just to thank the sales representative who thought of them.

When you are selling a product and there is a lot of one on one contact with your customers you really get to know them. These business birthday cards are just the right touch for that purpose. I’m sure we get a few extra calls and even more importantly sales. Recently, I received a birthday card from my insurance company representative and it made me smile, proving that it really does matter.

6 thoughts on “Now I Know What Corporate Birthday Cards Are Truly For”

  1. Your friend Mary is so right! In this competitive business market sending your client a birthday card will keep your company name in the client’s mind and will give the sales rep an extra edge! It’s always nice to be thought of on your birthday.

  2. In the corporate world with everyone using face book & twittering Birthday wishes it’s special when a client or business takes the time out of their busy schedules to mail a birthday card, that holds more meaning than a Happy Birthday post on face book.

  3. It’s that special touch that goes a long way. Shanda is right with all the social networks now, a card is something super special.

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