The Gallery Collection Gives Thanks on Veterans Day

The Gallery Collection would like to give thanks to all members of our armed services on this Veterans Day. We appreciate your dedication and your service.

The work that the members of our armed services do is important to all of us. This is why The Gallery Collection works with organizations such as Operation Gratitude and Soldiers’ Angels, who create care packages for deployed military and have other programs that help our servicemen and women.

Along with the donations we’ve made to these organizations, we also offer a chance for you to help just by purchasing cards! When you’ve made a purchase you can use promo code LHEYC for Operation Gratitude, or promo code LHFYC for Soldiers’ Angels, and 10% of your order total will be donated to the organization of your choosing!Operation GratitudeSoldiers' Angels




7 thoughts on “The Gallery Collection Gives Thanks on Veterans Day”

  1. God Bless you Gallery Collection. We must never forget the sacrifices that our military makes to ensure our freedom. I salute you and all of the military personnel who are willing to give their lives so that we can keep ours.

  2. My brother in law is in the Special forces. It’s great to know that a company such as The Gallery Collection helps those deployed overseas. Thank you to the Veterans who help protect our country.

  3. The gallery Collection needs to publicize this more. I don;t know who in their right mind wouldn’t order and use those promo codes to support our Vets.

  4. I have a few family members who have served in the military. Whenever I hear of an organization doing something to support the vets, it makes my heart glad. I’ve seen first hand the sacrifices these service men and their families make.

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