Thanking Our Veterans This Memorial Day


There is much confusion about the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have lost their lives while in service to protect our wonderful country. Veteran’s Day is a day to say Thank you to all of those who have served our country. That being said, I do feel that on Memorial Day we should take some time to appreciate those who have done remarkable things to protect preserve our rights as Americans.

One great way to say Thank you to Veterans this Memorial Day is to visit a Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital. Take your time to visit with some of the Veterans and allow them to share their stories. They have experienced interesting things. Thank them for the service.
Another way to say Thank you to a Veteran this Memorial Day is to visit a National Cemetery. You can bring a group of friends and pull weeds and plant flowers. Then pick one special name and find out more about this person. You can write a sincere letter of thanks to his family showing that their loss is appreciated.

Donating to one of the plethora of Veteran’s organization is another way to say Thank You to Veterans this Memorial Day. There are many organization out there that need funding to help get Veterans on their feet again after fighting for our country or help in the healthcare of our Veterans.

Take Memorial Day to thank our Veterans. Sure it has become known as the kick off to summer weekend and a time for barbecues and friends, but the real purpose for this holiday is to recount the sacrifices of our soldiers. Do not let the day go by without appreciating the real meaning behind Memorial Day.

The Gallery Collection Gives Thanks on Veterans Day

The Gallery Collection would like to give thanks to all members of our armed services on this Veterans Day. We appreciate your dedication and your service.

The work that the members of our armed services do is important to all of us. This is why The Gallery Collection works with organizations such as Operation Gratitude and Soldiers’ Angels, who create care packages for deployed military and have other programs that help our servicemen and women.

Along with the donations we’ve made to these organizations, we also offer a chance for you to help just by purchasing cards! When you’ve made a purchase you can use promo code LHEYC for Operation Gratitude, or promo code LHFYC for Soldiers’ Angels, and 10% of your order total will be donated to the organization of your choosing!Operation GratitudeSoldiers' Angels

Prudent Publishing is announcing a new website and charitable program to assist those who wish to honor our veterans by sending cards of appreciation and caring. The website,, will be coordinating shipments of free greeting cards to schools, charities, churches, and other organizations that wish to send cards to veterans and veterans’ organizations. is in the process of being designed and should be up and running soon. Please check back in a few days.