Rose the Card Lady and Assorted Birthday Cards

My name is Rose, “The Card Lady,” and I would like to tell you how my name came to be…

A few years ago I purchased a box of assorted birthday cards from The Gallery Collection. One week after I received them, I threw a surprise anniversary party for my parents at my house. A discussion arose about upcoming birthdays and events, when my sister chimed in and said she forgot her mother in-law’s birthday (it was the very next day!). I went into the house and grabbed the assortment box for her. I quickly had a group of people surrounding me going through the box. They remarked how beautiful the greeting cards were and that they had never seen such cheerful cards in any store. A few of my guests picked out cards that were perfect for an upcoming birthday… I was more than happy to let them have the cards.

A week after my party, my neighbor knocked on my door; she had attended my party last week and remembered I had a boxed birthday cards assortment. She asked if she could have one for a party she had the very next day. So, that is how it began, and till this day, I still have people stopping by for thank you cards, birthday cards, and get well cards. My only dilemma is I’m running out of cards…I have to drop subtle hints on how my guests can get their own boxes.

So now my friends introduce me as Rose, the Card Lady.

6 thoughts on “Rose the Card Lady and Assorted Birthday Cards”

  1. I guess your name is better than being called the ‘cat lady’, we all heard stories about them, and they are usually not good! Now you must always be sure not to run out of cards.

  2. Rose, I wish you lived next door to me. I am always in need of a card and completely forget about them when I am at the store. I will follow your lead and get an assortment box, but I will keep mine silently stashed aside for my use. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. that box of assorted cards sounds like a really good thing to have. I used to have a big box of blank cards, but there were only a few different designs in the whole box. having cards on hand is a lot easier than running to the drug store every time you need one.

  4. What a great idea! I have never heard of an assortment box of cards but I can imagine that would be a very useful way to have cards for all occasions. I always end up with too many cards for a single event and never use them, this way i would have just enough!

  5. Wow Rose, you are generous! What other goodies do you have?? I don’t think I could do the same. Next time, instead of a card, hand them an order form… a not so “subtle” hint…

  6. I have cards for all occasions at my house too. After seeing the Gallery Collection cards it puts all the others to shame. So I will be getting a few boxes of the blank note cards and the all occasion boxes.

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